Dahlia Figaro: features of growing from seeds

Dahlia Figaro: features of growing from seeds

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Hello! Last year, sowed seeds of dahlia Figaro, in the fall, several copies left to winter. Tell me what to do in the spring so that they bloom?

The Dahlia Figaro variety is considered an annual early flowering, grown from seeds. However, if they are properly processed in the fall and managed to be preserved until spring, in April they are planted for growing in pots before being planted on flower beds.

Very spectacular dwarf dahlia Figaro red: a compact bush with numerous large flowers. He definitely needs good drainage and peat soil with the addition of a small amount of sand, a pinch of wood ash. For top dressing, you can use Kemira Lux fertilizer once a month.

For preventive purposes, it is recommended to treat the soil monthly with a solution of Fitosporin. To protect against pests, use Fufanon or Actellik, with powdery mildew - Topaz. In the future, their cultivation does not differ from other varieties of dahlias.

The reviews of those who have already grown these dahlias are unanimous: early flowering (sometimes at the end of May), lush flowers, on each plant there are several flowers. Even on inclement days, flowers create a good mood.

Dahlias Figaro: features of the variety