Description of strawberry varieties "Roman f1"

Description of strawberry varieties "Roman f1"

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Hello! Neighbors in the country grow strawberry varieties of romance. Please tell us in more detail what kind of plant it is, how it differs from ordinary garden strawberries. Thanks in advance for your reply!

Good day! Strawberry cultivar Roman is a very strong compact plant with bright red fruits of the remodeling type. This hybrid was bred in order to get the most berries in a short time.

Description: the fruits are teardrop-shaped, have an unsurpassed delicate aroma and delicate taste. Removable strawberries (strawberries) are little dependent on daylight hours and weather conditions. In the open field, it gives a crop from May to October. Fruits in the greenhouse for up to 10 months.

Sowing strawberries is carried out in March-April in trays with moist soil, it is possible in peat tablets. Reviews on the germination of seeds are quite positive. Then the seedlings are planted in pots. When sixth leaves appear in the bushes, they are planted in open ground. Hybrid “novel has beautiful large pink inflorescences that bloom almost continuously. The first crop can already be harvested 2 months after planting. The berries are large, weighing 18-25 g. Still not rooted shoots of strawberry romance are already preparing for flowering and subsequent fruiting. This variety is decorative, so it can be grown on the balcony.

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