5 matchless rice casseroles with fish

5 matchless rice casseroles with fish

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Casseroles with rice are always nutritious and nutritious. Well, if you also add fish to the composition, the pleasure of eating them will be simply beyond! Both sea and river inhabitants are suitable for preparing such dishes: in any case, a divinely tasty result is guaranteed. Here are five recipes for the most amazing rice casseroles with fish filling.

Tender oven salmon with rice and spinach

Red fish fillet is an ideal choice for many appetizers, and casseroles are no exception.

Required Products (based on 6 servings):

  • margarine or butter (20-30 grams);
  • fresh lemon juice (from 1 half of citrus);
  • steamed rice (130 grams);
  • salt and spices (to the taste of the cook);
  • salmon fillet (600 grams);
  • grated cheese (half a glass);
  • fresh or frozen spinach (800 grams).

How to deliciously bake salmon with rice and herbs:

  1. To begin with, you should boil the washed rice in salted water. Groats should reach half-preparedness.
  2. Free the fish fillet from the bones. Then it must be rinsed and blotted with a paper towel. After drying, chop the salmon in small cubes.
  3. Freshly squeezed lemon juice will serve the fish as a marinade. Before pouring fillet, salt to your taste.
  4. Rinse strained rice under running water and place in a bowl.
  5. If you are dealing with frozen spinach, let it melt and squeeze it well, eliminating excess moisture.
  6. Melt a small piece of oil in a skillet or pan. Stew the spinach over low heat for five minutes (be sure to cover the dishes with a lid). Salt and spices are added at your own discretion.
  7. Thoroughly treat the baking dish with butter: creamy or vegetable. Lay the rice evenly, followed by the stewed spinach.
  8. The next layer will be chopped salmon fillet. When laying it over greens, try tamping it lightly, and sprinkle grated cheese on top of the soul.
  9. Finally, the form can be put in a preheated oven. Fish casserole will be cooked for about half an hour in the mode of 170-180 degrees.

Ruddy dish is served hot.

Diet casserole with rice and pollock: recipe for a slow cooker

Thanks to the work of a "smart" electronic assistant, you can pamper your family with a delicious casserole as often as you want!


  • grated suluguni cheese (1 cup);
  • pollock fillet (350 grams);
  • milk (half a glass);
  • onion (1 small head);
  • water (230 milliliters);
  • fresh tomatoes (3 pieces);
  • salt and spices (to the taste of the cook);
  • mayonnaise (40 grams);
  • rice (3/4 cup);
  • butter (a small slice for lubrication);
  • chicken eggs (4 pieces);
  • breadcrumbs for breading (35 grams).


  1. Place the washed rice in the multicooker. Pour water and cook for about 25 minutes (“Soup”, “Porridge”, “Rice”, “Cooking” modes are suitable).
  2. Chop fillet of pollock in small slices.
  3. To easily peel tomatoes, make a cross-shaped incision and scald vegetables with boiling water. After a minute, peel and chop the pulp in large cubes.
  4. Cut the peeled onions into thin halves of the rings.
  5. Combine beaten eggs, mayonnaise sauce and milk. Mix everything thoroughly and add the crushed cheese (mozzarella will do to replace the suluguni). Salt and spices are laid to taste.
  6. Combine rice, fish fillet, tomatoes, onions and the resulting sauce. Put in a slow cooker, pre-oiled and sprinkled with breadcrumbs. The casserole is cooked in the "Oven" or "Baking" mode.

Pollock fillet, if necessary, can be replaced with cod.

Tuna Rice Mini Casseroles

Delicious mini casseroles will easily win the hearts of the most demanding gourmets! Thanks to the original portioned serving, the dish will be an excellent decoration for the festive table.

To prepare 10 casseroles with rice and canned fish, you will need the following ingredients:

  • fresh dill (1 bunch);
  • rice (200 grams);
  • olives (to taste);
  • salt (1 pinch);
  • canned tuna (1 can);
  • cream (1 teaspoon);
  • chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  • paprika (to the taste of the cook);
  • garlic (2 cloves);
  • fragrant basil (half a teaspoon).

How to cook mini casseroles with fish:

  1. Boil the rice until cooked. Switch the oven to 190 degrees mode in advance: let it heat up.
  2. Combine in a bowl of tuna, boiled rice, washed and finely chopped dill, as well as basil. Add to taste.
  3. Halve the olives and mix with fish, rice and herbs.
  4. The casserole is to be cooked in cupcake tins (preferably silicone). Each of them must be generously greased with vegetable oil, and only then can we proceed to filling. Lay the mixture as tightly as possible, "trampling" with a spoon.
  5. It's time to send the forms in a hot oven. The casseroles will be ready in about 25 minutes.
  6. Meanwhile, take care of the sauce: it is used as a fill. Heat the cream in a saucepan, pour a little ground paprika and add the garlic, previously crushed in the press.
  7. Removing mini-casseroles is not difficult: they themselves move away from the walls and bottom of the mold, do not crumble and do not disintegrate. Pour them with sauce and serve right there.

When cold, the taste of the dish does not deteriorate at all.

Fish with rice

Lenten casserole with rice and minced fish

Having prepared this wonderful dish, you will be convinced that even during fasting you can not deny yourself little culinary joys.


  • semolina (20 grams);
  • boiled rice (1.5 cups);
  • any minced fish (300 grams);
  • fresh greens - onions, parsley, dill (1 bunch);
  • lean mayonnaise (40 milliliters);
  • salt and black pepper (to the taste of the cook);
  • ground crackers (for breading).

How to cook rice casserole with minced fish:

  1. Frozen minced meat must be thawed in advance at room temperature. Squeeze out excess fluid carefully later.
  2. Rinse and chop the greens as finely as possible.
  3. Combine boiled rice, dried semolina, fish and mayonnaise. Let it brew for twenty minutes.
  4. Season and season with spices to taste. Put chopped greens and mix well.
  5. The baking dish should be greased liberally with oil and sprinkled with crumbs. Put the fish and rice mass and send the container to the oven for 20 minutes.
  6. Before removing the finished dish, the form should be slightly cooled. When chilled, the casserole is sliced ​​without much difficulty.

If you want to diversify the composition of the dish, sweet corn, canned peas or pickled mushrooms will help.

Fish paella with vegetables, rice and seafood

For this wonderful snack, not only red, but also white sea fish is suitable - households and guests will appreciate any of your choice!

Required Products:

  • cauliflower (240 grams);
  • milk (200 milliliters);
  • rice (250 grams);
  • red bell pepper (1 piece);
  • fish fillet (400 grams);
  • squid (2 pieces);
  • green beans - both fresh and frozen (240 grams);
  • cheese (50 grams);
  • spices (1 teaspoon);
  • boiled mussels (half a cup);
  • lemon juice (2-3 tablespoons);
  • onion (1 head);
  • sunflower oil (20 milliliters).

Cooking fish paella:

  1. Cut the fish fillet into medium sized slices (no more than a matchbox). Sprinkle them with fresh lemon juice, and then temporarily set aside.
  2. Clean a couple of squid. Remove the insides, then rinse well and crumble into cubes. If the mussels are ready and peeled, there will be no trouble with them.
  3. Divide the cabbage into inflorescences and cook in slightly salted water.
  4. Rid the onion from the husk. Cut the vegetable into small slices and fry in vegetable oil until golden brown. Then add spices to it (it is best to take turmeric, paprika, curry or suneli hops).
  5. The onion company will be green beans. If it is frozen, it is not necessary to defrost - let it soften right in the pan.
  6. After the beans melt, put the washed rice and stir everything vigorously. Cover and darken for 6-7 minutes on low heat. No water is required.
  7. Chopped washed peppers in compact cubes. Send to the pan, mix again and turn off the stove.
  8. For the sauce, mix the grated cheese with ground pepper and milk. Salt to your taste.
  9. Take a baking dish. There is no need to lubricate the form, since the sauce turned out to be quite liquid. Spread 1/2 of the rice mixture.
  10. Separate about half the fill. Pour the rice and stir lightly, allowing the sauce to soak the entire dish. Lay slices of fish fillet and squid on top.
  11. Now you can put the remaining rice with beans, onions and peppers. Place mussels mixed with cauliflower directly on them. Top the casserole with the same cheese sauce.
  12. Put the dish in the hot oven for about forty minutes. The optimum heating mode is 200 degrees.

Casserole with rice and fish

Rice casseroles with fish can not be called a boring or ordinary dish: the main ingredients can be complemented by a wide variety of products, from champignons and shellfish to all kinds of vegetables and savory sauces. Experiment with pleasure, enjoy your meal!