Cottage cheese casseroles: a healthy treat without risk to the figure

Cottage cheese casseroles: a healthy treat without risk to the figure

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Cottage cheese casseroles are enduringly popular among those who monitor their health, follow a diet and strive for self-improvement. The basic ingredient brilliantly "gets along" with a variety of fruits, berries, nuts and candied fruits, so the dish is never boring. Such a delicious and original dessert, of course, will be glad to all family members!

Microwave Quick Casserole

If there is absolutely no time left for culinary chores, this simple and economical recipe for curd yummy will help you out.

Grocery list:

  • butter (15 grams);
  • chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  • granulated sugar (50-60 grams);
  • soda (half a teaspoon);
  • corn or semolina (30 grams);
  • cottage cheese (250 grams).

How to make a juicy cottage cheese casserole in the microwave:

  1. Mash cottage cheese with a fork in a deep bowl. Add granulated sugar, followed by dry semolina (replacement with corn grits is allowed).
  2. After stirring, add a slice of butter.
  3. Next, enter soda - it will give the baking an airy consistency. Mix everything thoroughly.
  4. Fill the microwaved glass container with the curd. Be sure to cover it so that the casserole does not dry out during cooking.
  5. Now the dishes can be sent to the microwave for 8 minutes, the recommended power of the equipment is 800 W.

Curd sweetness is amazing both in warm and in cold form, when served it can be sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

Curd and pear in a slow cooker

A crock-pot is another wonderful culinary assistant. Cooking in it is easy and pleasant: useful properties are preserved in full force, time is spent to a minimum, and the baking itself invariably turns out to be magnificent and tender.

Grocery list:

  • granulated sugar (a quarter of a multi-glass);
  • cottage cheese (350 grams);
  • honey (to the taste of the cook);
  • ripe pears (2 fruits);
  • salt (1 pinch);
  • chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  • instant cooking oat flakes (2/3 of a multi-glass).

How to cook cottage cheese casserole with pears in a slow cooker:

  1. Beat a couple of eggs with sugar and a pinch of salt.
  2. Alternately add cottage cheese and oatmeal, designed for quick cooking. Stir well
  3. Wash ripe pears. Peel and chop the flesh with half a centimeter thick plates.
  4. To avoid burning, treat the multicooker with a slice of butter. Spread the pears at the bottom and cover with a layer of oat-curd.
  5. As a finishing touch, pour 1-2 tablespoons of melted butter on top.
  6. Set the mode to "Stew" or "Baking" (options vary depending on the model of technology). Set a 40-minute cook at 115 degrees.
  7. Ready casserole should be slightly cooled right in the bowl, only then turn on the dish. Lubricate the top with honey - and you can serve immediately.

To make the casserole more airy, the whites and yolks should be whipped separately: the first with salt, to a strong foam, and the second with sugar.

With pumpkin in the oven

Diet treats contain a minimum of calories with a maximum of beneficial properties. Enjoying its taste, you can not be afraid of a set of extra pounds!

Grocery list:

  • pumpkin pulp (350 grams);
  • apple (1 fruit);
  • cottage cheese (200 grams);
  • salt (1 pinch);
  • chicken eggs (3 pieces);
  • granulated sugar - optional (1/2 cup);
  • raisins (1 handful);
  • vanilla sugar - optional (1 sachet).

Cooking low-calorie casseroles:

  1. Pumpkin for cottage cheese casserole should be sweet enough. Grind the pulp with a coarse grater, do the same with the washed apple.
  2. Add all other components. The amount of sugar will depend on the palatability of the pumpkin.
  3. Thoroughly mix the mass, achieving uniformity. Place the resulting dough in a heat-resistant form and set to bake in the oven for half an hour. The heating temperature should be close to 180 degrees.

The cooled casserole can be served with honey. It is ideal for a hearty breakfast, and for a midday snack.

In a double boiler

Cottage cheese casseroles bring not only pleasure, but also great benefits for the body. If you cook a dish for a couple, you can significantly reduce calories, while not losing the most important vitamins and minerals.

List of products (based on 3 servings):

  • honey (20 grams);
  • low fat cottage cheese (300 grams);
  • apples (2 fruits);
  • vanilla sugar (1 pinch);
  • chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  • cherry - both fresh and frozen (half a glass) will do;
  • ground cinnamon (1 teaspoon).

How to make steamed air casserole with cottage cheese:

  1. Wash apples and cherries thoroughly. Remove the cores and bones, cut the flesh into large slices.
  2. Combine eggs with zero fat cottage cheese. Beat with a mixer or blender to a steady souffle. Then add a spoonful of honey, vanilla and fragrant cinnamon.
  3. Mix curd soufflé with apple and cherry slices. Spread the mass on the muffin tins - they should be treated with oil in advance.
  4. Put the molds on the lower "floor" of the double boiler. Bake a portioned dessert for half an hour.

Mini-casseroles with cottage cheese will be approved by every adherent of proper nutrition: they do not contain harmful additives and artificial sweeteners, although they are just as good as store treats in taste. There are only 180 Kcal per 100 grams of yummy!

With semolina and dried fruits

Light delicacy on cottage cheese adequately replaces fatty cakes and muffins. The casserole surprisingly goes well with coffee, compote, hot tea or milk.

Grocery list:

  • granulated sugar (55 grams);
  • dried fruits to choose from (70 grams);
  • salt (on the tip of a knife);
  • semolina (70 grams);
  • chicken eggs (2 pieces);
  • sour cream (to taste);
  • cottage cheese (600 grams);
  • vanillin (half a teaspoon).

How to cook a delicious casserole with dried fruits:

  1. Cottage cheese dessert can be supplemented with dried cherries, raisins, dates, dried apricots or prunes - choose the ingredients at your own discretion. Before introducing them into the dough, pour boiling water with boiling water and leave for ten minutes. Strain later.
  2. Beat a couple of eggs with sugar. Turn the cottage cheese in a meat grinder two times in a row, and then also combine with the egg-sugar mixture.
  3. Throw a pinch of salt, then add dried semolina, dried fruit, and vanilla. Stir well.
  4. Process a baking sheet with a slice of butter. Before you lay the curd dough, sprinkle liberally with breadcrumbs or flour.
  5. Carefully level the surface of the future casserole. Lubricate the top with sour cream and put in the hot oven for about thirty minutes. The heating temperature will be 180 degrees.

Ready dessert served with jam, fruit syrup or fresh sour cream.

Low calorie curd casserole for muscle growth

Cottage cheese casserole is almost a synonym for healthy eating. Being a hypoallergenic dietary product, cottage cheese refers to the body extremely delicately, without irritating the mucous membranes of the stomach. Dishes based on it contribute to the normalization of digestion, replenish vitamin and mineral reserves and for a long time give a feeling of fullness.

Cottage cheese casseroles are perfect for the diet of children, vegetarians, as well as all those who are closely watching weight gain.


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