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The rules for growing varietal strawberries "Sonata"

The rules for growing varietal strawberries "Sonata"

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Garden strawberry "Sonata" is a new and productive mid-season strawberry variety of Dutch selection and is characterized by a long fruiting period. Its ancestors are the famous varieties of garden strawberries "Elsanta" and "Shelf". Fragaria ananassa Sonata belongs to large-fruited and very productive varieties, the popularity of which among Russian gardeners is growing every year.

Description and characteristic

Strawberry variety "Sonata" bred in 1998. The plant forms fairly compact and slightly leafy bushes. The leaves are erect, green, wrinkled. Peduncles are powerful, located on the same level with leaves or slightly higher. Flowers have numerous and large anthers with copious amounts of viable pollen. Mustache formation is negligible.

The variety compares favorably with a long fruiting period. Berries of the correct conical shape, red, with a pronounced sheen of the surface. The pulp is tasty, tender, quite juicy and aromatic. The average yield from each bush is one and a half kilograms.

This Dutch variety is resistant to many diseases, including gray rot. It can be cultivated both in open ground and on ridges of sheltered ground. However, many gardeners consider the lack of a neck and a relatively deep sepal planting, complicating its removal from the berry, a minus of the variety. In addition, the variety requires a longer period of winter dormancy for full development and abundant fruiting.

Strawberries: variety selection

Landing Features

Variety of garden strawberries "Sonata" shows the best yield when planting in areas represented by sandy, slightly acidified soils. When planting strawberry seedlings on poorly drained or heavy soil, this Dutch variety is often susceptible to various diseases of the root system.

If groundwater is located close to the surface in a garden plot, garden strawberries need to be planted on relatively high ridges. Before planting strawberry seedlings, it is advisable to withstand several days in a cool room, in moistened soil, and strawberries should also be planted in moist and warm soil. When landing, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • strawberries are recommended to be planted exclusively in well-warmed and illuminated areas where garden crops such as garlic, onions, root crops or legumes were previously grown, but it is undesirable to plant after potatoes, tomatoes and sunflowers;
  • like many berry crops, it is preferable to plant strawberries on sites on a cloudy day or in the evening;

  • seedlings of garden strawberries are planted in early spring or at the very beginning of autumn, before the onset of a noticeable cooling;
  • strawberry seedlings should be planted in the ground so that the root system of the plant does not wrap, but is neatly spread over the entire planting hole;
  • when planting seedlings, it is necessary to ensure that the central kidney, or heart, on the outlet is not too deep or raised;
  • adult strawberry bushes of the "Sonata" variety are characterized by compactness, therefore, the standard planting scheme on the site should be 25 × 30 cm.

After strawberry seedlings are planted, the soil should be watered abundantly and preferably mulled. Seedlings from the mother plantation are planted in a permanent place in early August.

Care Tips

Strawberry variety "Sonata" needs enhanced fertilizer planting with magnesium, as well as a competent balance of trace elements that make up the fertilizer. It is best to make a special groove between the rows on a strawberry bed for watering and fertilizing. The minimum norm for watering garden strawberries in dry weather is about 7 liters per square meter or about 0.5-1 liters per strawberry bush.

It is very important to timely carry out preventive preventive measures aimed at protecting plants from damage by gray and root rot. The presence of a small amount of marriage and a good average size facilitate the collection of ripened berries. It should also be remembered that seedlings of garden strawberries of this variety are not recommended to be harvested from berry bushes older than three years.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry variety "Sonata" in the list of leaders among most gardeners in almost all respects: very productive, unusually tasty and sweet, forming beautiful and transportable berries. The variety perfectly adapts to various climatic, soil and weather conditions of cultivation.

According to gardeners, "Sonata" is one of the most picky varieties that almost never freezes in the winter and tolerates the summer heat quite well, forming relatively large, dense and dry berries, which allows transporting and storing the crop without losing its presentation.

How to plant strawberries

Taste is excellent. The peak yield is observed in mid-June. The berry does not lose color and shape when used in compotes and preserves. The disadvantages of the variety include an insufficient number of mustaches, in connection with which garden strawberries "Sonata" a little problematic to breed from their own material.