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Plum Candy and Zarechnaya

Plum Candy and Zarechnaya

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Hello! I am a beginner gardener from the Istra district of Moscow Region. Absolutely no experience. I want to plant everything and a lot, but I have to choose. Tell me, please, will the Candy variety plum be a pollinator for Zarechnaya early? (And, in general, are these varieties suitable?) And can they really be grown? thanks


Plums of the variety “Zarechnaya early” grow well and bear fruit in the suburbs and surrounding areas. This variety is considered one of the most delicious and sweet. In addition, it is a cold-resistant variety, it survives winter well. The best pollinators for this variety are the varieties: Etude, Greenback Tambov and Volga Beauty. Plum variety "Candy" in your area is not the most popular for polovoditelnosti. You better choose other varieties. The benefit is many. Each grade has its pros and cons. Choose for survival in your area.


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