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Horseradish Recipe

Horseradish Recipe

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Hey everyone. Girls, tell me, please, a crap recipe, which will be stored and will not turn sour in the refrigerator. If possible in detail by proportions. That would be a recipe that is stored at room temperature. There is no cellar, the refrigerator is jam-packed. All a good harvest.


Ears alone, I'm waiting for recipes

Alsou, horseradish is made from raw vegetables and is stored only in the refrigerator, unfortunately.

Fry the eggplant circles, lay in a jar in layers. A layer of eggplant, garlic through a press + chopped dill, salt, of course. To save the whole jar, fill it with vegetable oil. Cover it with a plastic lid and refrigerate. It is stored for a long time. Tasty, like mushrooms. It’s called a “light”

nuuu ... at least, which is stored in the refrigerator ... but the recipe with proportions ...

I made that year - 4 kg of tomato, 200 grams of peeled horseradish root, 200 grams of peeled Garlic Chives, 3 tbsp. Spoons of salt with a slide.

I do everything by eye. Whoever loves, the only thing I bring to a boil and vinegar. It is stored all winter. If you have already opened, then eat!

All through a meat grinder, on gas until boiling -2 minutes boil in clean jars. It was in the closet in the apartment

This year it turned out like this: 3kg of tomato, 600g of horseradish, 100 garlic, salt, sugar. I don’t remember how much all the meat grinder is and mix.

to a boil ????? Well it should be raw

it's not shit ...

these are options for a city apartment

very vigorous due to garlic. The author asked what can be put in the refrigerator.

one kg of red tomatoes a glass of grated horseradish, four large red sweet peppers, two bitter peppers (I put one), two or three large heads of garlic, salt to taste. Stir, refrigerate.

Thanks to all))

I’ll come home, write a recipe. Super fucking!

the author asked a crap recipe)))

this is adjika! Everything is cranked through the meat grinder. The fire is getting. I would listen to the recipe myself.

For 1 kg of tomato (peeled) 150 grams of horseradish, all through a meat grinder, salt to taste, close with a regular plastic lid, it is fine in the refrigerator, but it quickly settles. Today I rolled up in sterilized jars, I will try, as it stands in the room, maybe there are a lot of tomatoes, and there’s a lot of horseradish for my favorite snack

Thank you so much for the recipes.

do not add vinegar for storage? Vigorous turns out?

vigorous, the eye falls out at first, then it’s not like that anymore, I never add vinegar, and they write garlic in the recipes - but it's already too much

Thank you so much . And when you pass horseradish through a meat grinder, put something on a meat grinder (I heard some people put on a bag), otherwise it’s really not only eyes that fall out. Never did, husband makes this year))

horseradish and adjika are two big differences) but other recipes itself with interest

the package does not help, pipets, wept the whole house

where is the garlic? if a little bit, then not too much, no more than 100g per 3kg of tomatoes

Found on the Internet.

, Thanks everybody! I'll try on the weekend

1 kg tomato 300 g garlic 300 g horseradish (root) 300 g bell pepper Salt to taste Tomato peel off the skin, mince the pepper with a meat grinder. Also separately through a meat grinder horseradish with garlic (put on a meat grinder a package, tightening it with an elastic band). Salt tomatoes with pepper separately (and then with horseradish it will not be clear). Mix all the vegetables. Put in jars. Keep refrigerated.

a lot of garlic. Yes, and horseradish too. It is necessary somewhere else to find a new pancreas to find it to eat.

Well, why the hell is that !! By the way, in the finished form is normal, not too creepy.

we have never added garlic, for me this is news from the Internet, well, whoever wants it, I don’t mind

Yes, I put the bag on and tie it, then take it off and immediately mix with the twisted tomatoes

For 3 kg of tomato, 250 g of peeled garlic, 500 g of horseradish root, also peeled, 3 pp hot peppers and 4 tbsp. tablespoons of salt. I turn everything through a meat grinder into an enameled pan! Only in this. And put it in a cool place for a week and mix it several times every day. And then in clean cans and in the refrigerator. It costs all year and does not turn sour.

per serving (20lit pan) of ordinary horseradish according to your favorite recipe, add one crushed tablet of asperin, then pour into plastic (preferably new) bottles, store in the refrigerator. That year I was prompted to do so, it was stored perfectly, the last box was printed in March.

Girls, why the hell is that, to be vigorous! You won’t eat with her spoons! A little smear on the bread black and with cabbage soup or soup. A jellied meat with such shit is a thing. You can change the recipe to your liking. I write how I do. Girls! Who knows the recipe for salted tomatoes, like from a barrel, salt in a three-liter jar ???

With us, as far as I can remember, we always made horseradish with garlic) Very tasty and vigorous!

Salt always tastes to taste. In twisted tomatoes where there is no horseradish or garlic. It’s more convenient to define this. And do not spare the salt, however, within reason ... And I add sugar, too, so that I can feel it directly. Only after that I mix it with horseradish and garlic. And another tip: we make horseradish on the day of the collection of horseradish. I noticed if the horseradish lies down for a while dug up, then the sharpness disappears.

For 1 kg tomato 200 g garlic, salt to taste is a classic recipe, horseradish and hot pepper if desired

horseradish without horseradish ... Well, yes, probably somewhere it's a classic recipe

In general, also called a horlauder