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How to plant Japanese raspberries

How to plant Japanese raspberries

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What is the best way to plant and warm Japanese raspberries, planting dates?


This is a liana reaching a height of up to 3 m and winding either on the ground or along tree trunks. The latter circumstance allows the use of Japanese raspberries as decorative, to create hedges and dominants in landscape design ... It is growing rapidly, aggressively mastering new territories, this circumstance must be taken into account when planting. The agricultural technology for growing this plant seems to be similar to the one we use when growing ordinary raspberries. She tolerates drought well, photophilous, prefers light soil, winter-hardy, but sometimes sheltered roots are still required. In winter, the shoots of Japanese raspberries die off, but next spring new ones grow actively. Propagated by: seeds, cuttings, root layers.


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