Dosage of Tympanol for rabbits, instructions and method of application

Dosage of Tympanol for rabbits, instructions and method of application

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Rabbits are not very healthy animals. The digestive system is particularly affected. Bloating is a common problem that medications have been developed to combat. Let's consider the composition and method of using "Tympanol" for rabbits, dosage and contraindications. How to store the drug correctly, what is the shelf life, what drugs can be used to replace it.

Composition and form of release of "Tympanol"

The drug contains tincture of hellebore, wormwood, alcohol, lactic acid and antifoam. "Tympanol" is an emulsion of uniform density, yellow-green or grayish tint. Sediment may precipitate during storage; before use, you need to shake the liquid. Poured into plastic bottles of 200 ml.

When should you use the product?

Tympania in rabbits causes discomfort and severe abdominal pain. Due to the pain syndrome, the animal cannot eat, it quickly weakens. The danger of bloating lies in the fact that the enlarged stomach presses on the diaphragm, disrupting the rabbit's breathing. There is a disruption in the work of other organs, often everything ends in the death of the animal. Therefore, you need to use "Tympanol" immediately, as soon as the swelling is detected.

The drug for internal use is designed to inhibit gas formation, destruction and removal of gas bubbles.

It has antiseptic and ruminating effects. "Tympanol" speeds up the peristalsis of the digestive system, relaxes the sphincters of the proventriculus. The drug is prescribed to rabbits with the formation of gas and bloating caused by overeating or eating easily fermenting food.

Method of application for rabbits

The liquid in the vial is shaken before administration to the rabbits. According to the instructions, then it is diluted with water as 1 to 10. Stir again until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.

For rabbits, the dosage of "Tympanol" is 0.5-1 ml per 1 kg of body weight. The drug works quickly, but if the bloating does not disappear after 20 minutes, the procedure must be repeated. It is allowed to use the product up to 5 times a day. The diluted liquid is injected into the rabbit's mouth using a syringe without a needle. Animals do not drink medicine on their own, so it is not poured into drinkers. If the animal resists, you need to pour the solution into the mouth by force. To do this, you need to take him by the head with one hand, and hold his legs with the other.

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After the solution is in the stomach, the rabbit needs to be massaged. It enhances the functioning of the organ and intestinal motility, promotes gases into the intestines and helps to remove fermented contents.

Massage should be done with your palms, passing in circular movements on the sides of the animal. You can not put pressure on the walls of the stomach, the pressure should be minimal at first. Then it can be strengthened a little. The massage time should not be less than 10 minutes, but not more. If the rabbit is in pain, stop it immediately.

The effect of the massage can be achieved by making the rabbit run. Active movement helps to remove gases and re-start the work of the digestive tract.

What side effects and contraindications can there be?

If the drug is used correctly, choose the dosage according to the instructions, there are no side effects. Sometimes an allergic reaction can be observed, but only in animals that are sensitive to this. There is only one contraindication: intolerance to the substances in the composition of the product. If not, "Tympanol" can be used without restrictions. The rabbits given the drug can be slaughtered without adhering to any waiting period. Other medicines can be used simultaneously with Tympanol. The product is on sale in veterinary pharmacies.

How and how much can you store?

"Tympanol" is stored in a dry, unlit place. In the original bottle, tightly closed with a lid. Temperature storage conditions - 0-20 ˚С. Under such conditions, the product can be saved for 1.5 years. Then, even if the liquid is not used up, the drug must be replaced.


In addition to Tympanol, for rabbits, you can use Tympanon, Espumisan, Almagel, Meteospazmil and other products that are designed to eliminate the problem of bloating. You can buy them not only in a veterinary, but also in a regular pharmacy.

"Tympanol" is a veterinary drug that is most in demand among rabbit breeders among veterinary drugs that help with bloating in rabbits. The product contains natural ingredients, so it does not cause side effects and is not contraindicated for healthy animals. According to practical observations, it was found that the drug works effectively, helps to cope with digestive disorders and save the life of rabbits.

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