Description of the tomato variety Angelica characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Angelica characteristics

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Tomatoes of different ripening times can be found on each site. Tomato "Angelica" belongs to the early varieties. Conquers summer residents with its record yield.

Basic ideas about the variety

A species characteristic is a detailed description of the characteristics of a plant. Information that will help the summer resident to properly grow a tomato on his site.


  • Bush: super determinant.
  • Height: 50-70 cm.
  • 8-10 fruits per cluster.
  • Maturation within 85-95 days.


  • Shape: round.
  • Color: red.
  • Weight: 50-70 gr.
  • Density: excellent.
  • Cameras: 2-3 pcs.
  • Excellent transportability.
  • Long shelf life.

How to plant and care for a crop

A seedling growing method is used. Taking into account the peculiarities of the climate of their region, planting material is sown 55-60 days before being transferred to a permanent vegetation site.

Agricultural techniques that will make the seedlings stronger:

  1. Picking. Planting seedlings in various containers.
  2. Nutrient to stimulate growth. Purchase of special drugs.
  3. Compliance with the regime of light and temperature.
  4. Hardening. 10 days before disembarking in a permanent place, the seedlings are taken out in the sun, first for 20-30 minutes, the last day for 7-8 hours.

1 m2 7-9 tomatoes are planted. There is no need to tie up and tie up. Watering is carried out in the evening with warm water.

Loosening, mulching, hilling and weeding helps to avoid contamination with diseases characteristic of this crop.

The number of fruits and their use

As the description states, there are a lot of fruits. Subject to all the rules of cultivation, the yield is 6-7 kg from 1m2.

Tomatoes are used for the first summer salads. They are used for whole-fruit canning and all types of tomato processing.

Typical diseases

Tomatoes have no immunity. Having processed the plants on time, they can be saved from death and significantly increase the yield indicators. For this, they buy seeds specially processed by producers. Or they do it on their own using solutions sold in specialized stores.

Adult plants of the variety are treated with special preparations or folk remedies:

  • onion broth;
  • wood ash;
  • soap solution.

Timely competent processing will help to avoid sad consequences.

Positive and negative characteristics

For the convenience of summer residents, the properties are divided into positive and negative. This will help you quickly make the right decision: is it worth planting tomatoes of this variety or not.


  • record harvest;
  • great taste;
  • early and amicable ripening;
  • undemanding to the formation.


  • treatment for diseases is necessary.

What summer residents say about "Angelica" tomatoes

Reviews of vegetable growers are help for those who are just going to plant a certain variety. The opinions and recommendations of other gardeners are an excellent help in this matter.

  • Svetlana... I think "Angelica" is a wonderful variety. It is mega-yielding, the tomatoes are dense and very tasty. Good for canning.
  • Helena... Planted on the site, did not pinch. It worked out well. The tomatoes ripened together and tasted great.

The variety of varieties leads to a certain rejection of unsuitable species. "Angelica" refers to those tomatoes, which, having tasted them once, it is impossible to refuse.

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