Characteristics and description of the cherry tomato variety Strawberry, its yield

Characteristics and description of the cherry tomato variety Strawberry, its yield

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In the spring, the "hot season" begins for gardeners, you need to have time not only to prepare the soil for growing crops, but also to choose varieties. Cherry Tomato Strawberry F1 will pleasantly surprise those looking for their ideal tomato variety.

Description of the variety Cherry Strawberry

The world's first cherry tomatoes were bred by breeders from Israel about 80 years ago. Since then, cherry tomatoes have become one of the most popular vegetables in the world. To date, a huge number of different varieties have been bred.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to study the description of the variety in detail.

Cherry Strawberry tomato was bred by breeders from Russia. In 2011, the hybrid received state registration as a variety intended for planting in open and closed ground.

F1 tomato belongs to the first generation hybrids. Originator - Sedek agricultural company.

The plant is determinate, the growth of the bush is limited and does not exceed 1 - 1.3 meters in height. Bushes need to be tied up and shaped.

Tomatoes can be grown in garden beds, greenhouses and greenhouse shelters. Rarely exposed to diseases that most often suffer from nightshade crops.

In the garden in the beds, the hybrid is best grown in the southern regions of Russia. Since Cherry Strawberry belongs to the early maturing, in northern latitudes, with sharp frosts, the bushes may die.

Fruit characteristics

The general characteristics of the fruits of tomato Cherry Strawberry F1 are very important. As the name suggests, tomatoes look like strawberries. The shape of the fruit is unusual for tomatoes, heart-shaped. Abundant fruiting.

A variety with an early ripening of fruits. You can harvest the crop within 100 - 105 days after seedling germination.

In one cyst, from 10 to 20 fruits can form. Under ideal conditions for growing seedlings, there can be up to 30 tomatoes in a cyst. Cherry tomatoes are small, the mass of one fruit is not more than 25-35 grams. The pulp is sweet, juicy, with a high sugar content. The skin is dense, does not crack. The shade of tomatoes is bright red.

When growing 4 bushes per 1 sq. m can be harvested up to 9 kg.

Ripe tomatoes do not store well. Therefore, immediately after harvesting, they must either be processed or consumed fresh. The disadvantage of the variety is that the fruits cannot be used for the preparation of tomato pastes and juices. Since they have a high dry matter content.

Those gardeners and gardeners who planted the variety on their site were satisfied with the results. In addition to the high palatability of the fruit, the Cherry Strawberry hybrid has a very attractive appearance. It is impossible to take your eyes off the bushes covered with bright red tomatoes.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Reviews of the Cherry Tomato Strawberry F1 from those farmers who planted the hybrid, as mentioned earlier, are mostly positive. Despite the fact that the hybrid has many advantages, it has a number of disadvantages.


  • Produces a good harvest throughout the season;
  • Delicious fruits;
  • The hybrid is not picky about care;
  • Good decorative qualities;
  • Immunity to diseases of nightshade crops;
  • Amicable ripening of tomatoes.


  • The variety is not a high-yielding variety;
  • The fruits do not differ in the duration of storage;
  • Not suitable for making tomato juices and pastes;
  • Bushes need to be tied up;
  • It is necessary to form bushes;
  • It is possible to grow seedlings outdoors only in the southern regions of Russia. In northern latitudes, it is recommended to give it to greenhouses and greenhouse shelters.

How to properly grow Cherry Strawberry

The process of growing seedlings is the most important step in horticulture. To get a rich harvest, he needs to pay special attention. The process of growing cherry tomatoes is practically the same as planting ordinary tomatoes.

First of all, it is important to know exactly the timing of sowing seeds. For cherry tomatoes, Strawberry is the beginning of April. Seedlings in open ground should be planted when the temperature is above zero at night. The soil should warm up to +16 - +18 degrees.

I planted seeds for seedlings in this way:

  • Pour soil into containers (you can buy a ready-made mixture in a store);
  • Make grooves to a depth of 2 - 3 cm and plant the planting material, water;
  • Cover the boxes with cling film and take to a warm place;
  • Remove the film and water the seeds regularly;
  • After the shoots appear, the film is removed, and the boxes are placed in the sun.

When full-fledged leaves appear on the seedlings, it must be dived. Cherry tomatoes do not like crowding and can grow poorly. If the spring is cold and the bushes “sit” in the container for a long time, the stem can be deepened when diving.

Farmers who planted tomatoes of this variety know that its distinctive feature is the need to form bushes into one or two stems.

Care features

It is important to remember that the hybrid of this variety loves daily, moderate watering. If watering is rare, then brown cracks will appear on the fruits. If you water them frequently, the tomatoes will be too watery.

Mineral feeding is also important. It is best to use complex feeding for this purpose. Fertilizers should contain such substances as phosphorus, potassium, selenium, cobalt, zinc and iron. Fertilizers Agricola or Kemira can be used.

You need to feed the bushes no more than once a week, after the seedlings are planted in the ground. During the formation of ovaries, ammonium nitrate and wood ash can be added to mineral fertilizers.

When applying fertilizers, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the plants. If they began to increase the deciduous mass, and the fruit becomes less and less, it means that the plants are overfed.

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