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Where can I write alstromeria seeds

Where can I write alstromeria seeds

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Tell me where can I write alstroemeria seeds?


As I understand it, are you asking about alstroemeria? Seeds are sold at regular seed stores. If not available, you can ask to bring it to order, this is often practiced.

It is easily grown from seeds, but only blooms after 3 years (sometimes even later).

Seedlings can be planted in mid-spring directly into the open soil. If you will sow seeds for seedlings, you must do this at the end of winter - the beginning of spring. Then flowering will begin faster.

For sowing, a mixture of turf and leaf substrate is required (1: 2). Cover the container with the planted seeds with plastic wrap and place for a month in a room where the temperature does not exceed 5 degrees. This method is called stratification and is necessary to accelerate germination, which will come in 15 to 20 days.

Alstroemeria seedlings can be transplanted into the open ground in early June, when the threat of frost passes. Fertile, acidic and well-drained soil is ideal as transplanting land. Choose a place with moderate lighting and shading. However, according to gardeners, it is better to plant alstroemeria in sunny areas without drafts.