Description of the variety of tomato Rosalisa, its characteristics and cultivation

Description of the variety of tomato Rosalisa, its characteristics and cultivation

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New from Dutch breeders - Rosalisa tomato. The hybrid was tested in the fields of the Russian Federation, entered into the State Register. Rosalisa F1 tomatoes are recommended to be grown outdoors. The hybrid, due to the compactness of the bushes, yield, disease resistance, can be grown for sale.


Tomato Rosaliza F1 is a mid-season, determinant hybrid. They are grown only in seedlings. Fruit collection begins in 110–120 days. Description of the bush:

  • compact;
  • the number of leaves is average;
  • height 65–75 cm, in fertile soil with the use of mineral dressings - 1 m;
  • requires support, garters and adjusting the number of stepsons.

Productivity 17 kg / sq. m with a recommended planting pattern of 6 bushes per square meter... A denser planting will lead to a decrease in the illumination of the aboveground part of the bushes, a decrease in the feeding area.


Classic round fruits of pink color, slight ribbing can be observed. The skin is firm, not prone to cracking. The size of the fruit is average, weight is 180-200 g. The pulp is firm, the taste depends on the quality of the soil. On light, fertile soils in good light, tomatoes grow with a sweeter and richer taste.

The fruits are used for different purposes:

  • salt;
  • pickle;
  • prepare sauces for the winter and as an additive to meat dishes;
  • used in slicing for the decoration of sandwiches and snacks;
  • include in summer vegetable salads.

Diseases and pests

Rosalisa has good immunity, like all Dutch hybrids. Summer residents may not be afraid of dangerous tomato diseases: fusarium, verticillary wilting, viral curl. You can protect bushes from other fungal diseases using standard preventive measures:

  • seed treatment before sowing with a fungicide or manganese solution;
  • using healthy soil for growing seedlings;
  • the use of complex fertilizers at all stages of growth;
  • when the weather worsens, immunity is supported by leaf treatments using folk remedies (serum, boric acid, iodine) or proven store drugs (HB-1, Epin).


Generalized xThe characteristics of the Rosaliza hybrid are given in the table.

type of bushdeterminant
height65-75 cm
fruit shaperounded with light ribbing
coloring of pulp and skinpink
weight120-200 g
keeping qualitygood
yield17 kg per sq. m
fruit destinationuniversal
place of cultivationopen ground

On the forums about the tomato Rosalisa

Natasha, Karaganda: “Dutch hybrids are soot for harvesting, they give a guaranteed harvest even in seasons with extremely bad weather. She planted 15 Rosalisa bushes, did not indulge them with leaving. I didn’t feel any special enthusiasm about this new item. The yield was no higher than that of varietal tomatoes. There was phytophthora on the bushes, top rot was also there. I didn't like the taste, the color is also dirty pink. The average weight of fruits is about 120-150 g, the height of the bushes is around 1 meter. In appearance, these are classic store-bought round-shaped tomatoes with thick skins without aroma. "

Olesya, Crimea: “Last season I planted several bushes of the Dutch tomato Rosaliza for testing. I did not find any reviews about the hybrid, I decided to try it myself. The bushes are compact, low. The fruits are even, beautiful. The yield is not bad. Seed germination 9 out of 10 ”.


It is worth planting the pink-fruited Dutch hybrid Rosalisa in your garden. In any weather, you will be with the harvest. Rosalisa is a good choice for market traders and those who like to pickle and salt tomatoes.

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