Pros and cons of copper-containing plant spraying products

Pros and cons of copper-containing plant spraying products

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The use of copper-containing preparations for spraying plants allows achieving a complex effect. They provide reliable protection of crops against fungal infections. Such substances are used to treat various garden plants and fruit trees. So that they do not harm health, you need to choose the right composition and clearly follow the instructions for its use.

Description and principle of operation

Preparations containing copper are distinguished by contact-prophylactic and protective properties. The fungicidal effect of such agents helps to cope more successfully with the spores of pathogens than with the mycelium of fungi. Copper-based preparations are distinguished by the fact that the active component is absorbed by the cytoplasm of fungal cells.

The biological effectiveness of such agents is directly influenced by the established period of application and the uniformity of the coverage of plants with working fluids. Copper compounds successfully cope with pathogens of powdery mildew, pear and apple scab, and various types of spotting.

The mechanism of action of copper-containing drugs is preventive and protective. Therefore, it is recommended to use them in accordance with the forecast of the spread of phytopathogens.

Cultivated plants are recommended to be treated with working solutions from the beginning of the summer of spores until the probable tissue infection. If a pathogen enters plant cells, drugs of this group cannot cope with it.

The duration of the protective effect of copper-containing preparations reaches 10-20 days. Therefore, the next use of such substances is selected taking into account the climate, the intensity of the development of the disease, the duration of the protective effect.

Scope of use

Copper-based fungicides are used to treat plants during the growing season. They are versatile and help to cope with various pathogens of diseases of berries, vegetables, bushes and trees. Also, these funds can be used to treat ornamental plants.

In warm weather, the active substance is well tolerated by plants and does not provoke negative reactions in them. However, in cold and humid weather, such formulations must be used very carefully to avoid burns.

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of copper-containing drugs include the following:

  • high efficiency in the fight against fungal infections;
  • broad spectrum of action;
  • the possibility of using drugs for different plants;
  • safety for people and animals.

At the same time, such funds also have some disadvantages. These include:

  • phytotoxicity - observed in conditions of high humidity;
  • the risk of accumulation of active ingredients in plants, soil and water bodies;
  • the threat of being washed away by rain.

Copper-containing preparations for plant spraying

Today, there are many effective products with copper content on sale. The most effective drugs include:

  1. Bordeaux fluid - helps prevent many pathologies. These include scab, various types of rot, late blight. It is also effective against curliness and various types of spotting. The composition has many advantages. It is affordable and inexpensive. In addition, the substance additionally contains calcium, which helps to cope with the lack of this element in plants.
  2. "HOM" - is very popular with gardeners. This remedy includes copper oxychloride. It is allowed to be used for processing plants in greenhouses. The drug is mainly used for prophylaxis. It helps to strengthen the immune system of plants, which significantly reduces the risk of fungal infection.
  3. "Abiga-Peak" - this product is mainly used for plants that are grown in the open field. It has many benefits. The drug is easy to prepare for use and has a long shelf life. Also, the tool can be safely combined with other drugs. It does not pose a threat to nature and does not have a negative impact on the soil.
  4. Copper sulfate - this drug has a rich history. Gardeners have been using it for many years. The main advantage of the product is the lack of a cumulative effect, which avoids a negative impact on the harvest.

How to use

Copper-based fungicides are often used in the garden and vegetable garden. At the same time, the rules for their use may differ depending on the form of release and the availability of additional components.

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Most of the funds are available off-the-shelf. In this case, some substances must be mixed with water. On average, it is recommended to use copper-containing products for spraying green mass of plants with an interval of 10-14 days. This is done in the summer. The last time the formulations are applied 20 days before harvest. Ornamental plants can be sprayed before and after flowering.

Safety engineering

Copper preparations do not pose a great danger to humans. However, it is recommended that you adhere to standard safety rules when using them. To do this, it is worth using personal protective equipment - glasses, a respirator, gloves.

If the substance comes into contact with the skin or eyes, rinse the affected area with plenty of water. If irritation develops, it is recommended to see a doctor.

Such products usually do not have pronounced phytotoxic properties. However, in conditions of high humidity, they are able to provoke burns and leaf fall, as well as impaired shoot growth. Therefore, it is recommended to spray plantings with similar means in dry and warm weather.

Copper-containing products are highly effective and successfully cope with fungal infections. To ensure that such substances do not harm plants, it is important to strictly follow the instructions for their use. Compliance with safety rules when using them is of no small importance.

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