Instructions for the use of the preparation Indigo for plants and the composition of the fungicide

Instructions for the use of the preparation Indigo for plants and the composition of the fungicide

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Fungicidal preparation called "Indigo" is recommended for prophylactic treatment of the garden, vineyard and vegetable garden. This tool helps prevent the development of the most dangerous fungal diseases that reduce crop yields and often lead to plant death. The fungicide contains copper, which is additionally used as a top dressing.

Formulation and active ingredients

On sale you can find the fungicide "Indigo" in the form of a suspension concentrate, packaged in plastic containers with a volume of 0.25 to 10 liters. The preparation contains tribasic copper sulfate. The fungicide is used for preventive treatment of garden and horticultural crops.

"Indigo" is a contact fungicide with protective properties. Before use, the drug is diluted with water in the dosages indicated in the instructions. Used before flowering and on the leaf. In the recommended doses, it does not cause negative consequences (burns).

easy to use (diluted with water);

prevents the development of the main dangerous fungal diseases;

can be used simultaneously for garden, vineyard and vegetable garden;

acts as a fungicide and fertilizer;

compatible with many top dressing and insecticides.

does not penetrate into plants (remains on the leaves until the first rainstorm);

protection period - 7-14 days;

does not help in the last stages of the development of fungal diseases.

Mechanism and spectrum of action

Indigo is used for various fungal plant diseases. Fungicide is used to protect against scab, moniliosis of apple trees, mildew of grapes, powdery mildew, late blight, peronosporosis, rust of garden crops. The drug is mixed (in the indicated dosage) with water, and then the garden and vegetable garden are sprayed with a fungicidal mixture.

Copper ions in solution act on fungal cells, suppress their activity, disrupting respiration. The development of mycelium, the formation of spores is stopped. Copper destroys dangerous fungi, but does not penetrate plants. The drug is useful in the early stages of infection. The copper present in the composition is consumed by plants as fertilizer.

Consumption rate and instructions for the use of "Indigo"

Fungicide "Indigo" can be used to treat a garden, vineyard, vegetable garden on large areas and in small subsidiary plots. For preventive spraying of several hectares of crops, canisters with a capacity of 5-10 liters are bought. The cultivation of a field or garden is carried out using mechanized (tractor) sprayers. For private households, a 250 ml jar and a small hand-held fine sprayer are enough for the season.

Spraying is allowed to be carried out at an air temperature from +5 to +25 degrees Celsius. It is forbidden to process crops in frost, rain, strong wind.

It is advisable to irrigate crops with a fungicidal mixture in the morning, after the dew has dried, or in the evening, after the heat of the day. Optimal conditions for spraying are warm weather, light cloudiness, no wind. It is forbidden to irrigate crops weakened due to drought, frost with a fungicidal solution.

Consumption rates "Indigo" for processing 100 sq. m (table):

Culture nameDiseaseDosageProcessing methodMultiplicity /


Apple tree, pearMoniliosis, scab30-50 ml per 10 l of waterSpraying is carried out during the growing season, the first time - in early spring, before flowering, the next time - after flowering on the leaf3 times per season / 20 days
GrapesMildew, gray mold, black spot40-60 ml per 10 l of waterSpraying is carried out during the growing season, the first is preventive, before flowering, the next - after flowering3 times per season / 20 days
Cherry, peach, plum, sweet cherryClusterosporiosis,

moniliosis, curly leaves

40-50 ml per 10 l of waterSpraying is carried out during the growing season, the first - before flowering, the next - after flowering3 times per season / 15 days
Tomato, potatoesLate blight, alternaria50 ml for 10 l of waterSpraying is carried out during the growing season, the first - before flowering, the second - after3 times per season / 30 days

Fungicide Precautions

It is recommended to dilute "Indigo" with water in a respirator and rubber gloves. It is forbidden to inhale the vapors of the solution or taste the mixture. In case of poisoning, you need to induce vomiting, take activated charcoal tablets and seek help from a healthcare professional. It is advisable to cultivate a garden or vineyard before or after the active summer of the bees. It is forbidden to spray fungicide near water bodies and fish farms. Residual solution should not be poured into rivers or lakes.

Drug compatibility

Unlike Bordeaux mixture, "Indigo" is compatible with insecticides and micronutrients used to protect and feed crops. It is forbidden to use the drug in conjunction with other fungicides containing copper (can lead to leaf burns).

Expert opinion

Zarechny Maxim Valerievich

Agronomist with 12 years of experience. Our best summer cottage expert.

Indigo is not used with copper-containing fertilizers. When the drug is used together, the dosage is reduced.

Storage terms and rules

"Indigo" is produced in the form of a concentrated suspension, which is mixed with water before use. If you plan to treat a small area, then you do not need to dilute the entire fungicide. The concentrated suspension can be stored in sealed original packaging until the expiration date. The date of manufacture of the fungicidal product is indicated on the label. The shelf life of the fungicide is 2 years.

It is recommended to store the drug (at room temperature) in a warehouse. You cannot keep a container with a fungicide in the kitchen, as well as outside, in direct sunlight. It is not recommended to freeze the drug.

Similar means

In addition to "Indigo", on the market you can find other fungicides containing the same active component - tribasic copper sulfate. Popular drugs: "Kumir", "Kuproksat", Bordeaux liquid. Fungicides are sold in the form of a suspension concentrate and are diluted with water before use. They are used for prophylactic spraying of the garden, vineyard, vegetable garden and protection against fungal diseases.

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