Description of the tomato variety Sugar fingers, its characteristics and yield

Description of the tomato variety Sugar fingers, its characteristics and yield

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One of the unique hybrids of Russian breeding is the sugar fingers tomato. Having planted this variety in any soil, every gardener, be it a beginner or a professional in horticulture, will always be left with a harvest of delicious fruits. You can grow a tomato anywhere in the Russian Federation. But it is worth remembering that the best indicators in fruiting in a vegetable crop were recorded when grown in greenhouse conditions.

Description and characteristics of the variety

According to the recorded document, the description of the Sugar Fingers variety meets all the requirements of the State Register. Vegetable culture refers to early ripening hybrids, from which the crop can be harvested as early as 90 days after germination.

Description of the bush

Tomatoes Sugar fingers belong to determinant plants, in which growth restriction occurs independently. On average, the height of a bush in film structures reaches 1.2 m, in open ground in beds no more than 60 cm. The plant is medium-leafy, tops of a dark green color, with an emerald hue. The inflorescences are simple, about 6 fruits are tied on each cluster.

A distinctive feature of the Sugar Finger variety is its standard compact structure. On the main two stems, which are formed by the bush itself, there are clusters of small tomatoes of commercial quality.

Fruit characteristics

The mass of a tomato of this variety varies from 50 to 70 grams. Fruits of an attractive appearance, elongated cylindrical in shape, with a rounded or pointed apex.

Characteristics of a tomato in ripeness stage:

  1. The skin is smooth, shiny, pink in color.
  2. The pulp is dense, juicy, rich tomato aroma.
  3. Fruit taste on a 5-point scale, ranked high - 4.9 points. The sweet and sugary taste of tomatoes will please even small children.
  4. Each tomato has only 2 chambers, with a small amount of seeds.

In addition, tomatoes of this variety are low-calorie, rich in nutrients, vitamins and starch, which allows adults to use them in their diet.


Variety Sugar fingers is a fairly productive vegetable crop. In the open field from 1 sq. m you can collect more than 10 kg of tomato. In closed greenhouses, tomato yields much more. At the same time, the variety bears fruit from mid-July until autumn. This feature makes it possible to enjoy the taste of fresh tomatoes in the summer, and in the fall to prepare various winter preparations and preservation from them.

Benefits of the variety

Despite the palatability of the fruit, which is an undoubted advantage of the variety, Sugar Fingers is endowed with a large number of advantages in comparison with similar hybrid crops.

The benefits of culture include:

  • Cold resistance. The tomato produces crops before the first frost.
  • Resistant to temperature changes. This quality allows you to grow the variety, even in the Urals, where the climate is rather unstable.

  • Unpretentiousness. When growing a tomato, it does not require special care. The bush independently forms 2 stems, without pinching. The plant does not require pinching. It is drought-resistant and does not succumb to tomato diseases.
  • Commodity quality. The fruits of the variety are endowed with good transportability and keeping quality. Tomatoes do not deform when transported over long distances. The long shelf life allows the fruit to be consumed fresh, up to the New Year.
  • Universal purpose. The decorative appearance of the fruit will decorate a summer salad and any preservation. Tomatoes are great for making hot meals, sandwiches, and natural juices.

As the reviews of gardeners have shown, tomato fruits do not crumble even in an overripe stage. Having collected the remnants of the green harvest in late autumn, the fruits ripen well at home. In addition, tomatoes do not lend themselves to fruit rot, which also complements the advantages of the variety over other crops.

According to the recommendations of vegetable growers, it is better to plant sugar fingers tomatoes in a seedling way.

In this case, the plant will gain more strength when growing outdoors. In addition, in this case, it will be possible to get an early harvest, which will delight until the fall.

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