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Rhododendron in our climate

Rhododendron in our climate

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I want to plant a rhododendron, but in our climate I think it will not survive, I already had one experience, the rhododendron died. What do you advise, maybe there are frost-resistant varieties?


Irina, "our climate" is a relative phrase. Not knowing the region of your residence, it is difficult to give an exact answer. The climatic conditions in Russia vary widely. I will list some frost-resistant varieties:

  • Album Novum - Katevbinsky rhododendron, withstands up to - 29 ° C;
  • Grandiflorum - of the same type, tolerates up to - 30 ° C;
  • Elite - rhododendron with a purple-pink color, can withstand a decrease to -35 ° C;
  • Helsinki University (Helsinki University) - short-fruited rhododendron, known for the highest frost resistance, up to - 40 ° C;
  • Pohdjola's daughter - the variety’s petals are decorated with wavy “ruffles”, can withstand a decrease to –34 ° C;

Rhododendra varieties such as Grandiflorum, Nova Zembla, Caraktakus have also been tested by experienced gardeners for frost resistance. But still choose the varieties that have been tested in your area.