Description of the rosemary tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the rosemary tomato variety and its characteristics

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Favorite plants for planting have long included members of the nightshade family. The popular variety of rosemary tomato is known to many gardeners for its positive qualities. Russian breeders managed to create an early species that gives a decent harvest, which is distinguished by good taste.

General information about tomato

For the variety, cultivation in a greenhouse or film shelter is preferable. The plant is successfully cultivated in the open field under the condition of warm summer. Description of tomato rosemary and general characteristics of the variety:

  • Indeterminate;
  • Mid-season, the harvest is harvested a maximum of 4 months from the moment of planting the seeds;
  • The height of the bush is up to 180 centimeters;
  • The plant is highly leafy;
  • The foliage is elongated, narrow and dark green in color;
  • Simple inflorescence;
  • The first inflorescence is formed after the tenth leaf;
  • High yield, more than 8 kilograms from 1 square meter of planting;
  • Thick, sturdy stem;
  • Strongly branched, powerful root system;
  • Resistance to a number of nightshade diseases - fusarium, late blight, cladosporium, mosaic;
  • Unpretentious care;
  • Large-fruited;
  • Poorly tolerates transportation;
  • Not suitable for long-term storage.

Tomatoes of this variety are distinguished by the content of a large amount of nutrients and vitamins. Appearance and information about the fruits:

  • Flattened, round shape;
  • Intense pink color;
  • Weight up to 1 kilogram;
  • Large, the diameter reaches 15 centimeters;
  • Fleshy;
  • Slight ribbing;
  • The number of chambers exceeds 6;
  • Contains an average amount of dry matter;
  • Sweet, sour;
  • Thin skin;
  • Fragrant.

IMPORTANT! The variety is recommended as a baby and dietetic food, for people with diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Ripe berries are preferable for fresh consumption or as raw materials for processing into tomato products. Not suitable for canning.

Recommendations for agricultural technology

The tomato variety prefers a seedling method of planting. It is recommended to start preparation in late April - early March. After the appearance of the first two leaves, the seedlings dive. After 2 months, the seedlings are ready for planting in the ground. For best results, harden the plants. The originator advises planting according to the 40x60 scheme, no more than 3 tomato bushes per square meter. In care, the variety is unpretentious, it is enough to follow simple rules of agricultural technology:

  • Timely soil loosening;
  • Watering with warm water, preferably in the evening, at least 1 time in 5 days;
  • Tying;
  • Fertilizing with complex fertilizers.

Gardeners' opinions

Good day! This summer I discovered the mid-season tomato variety Rosemary. The plant showed good productivity in central Russia. Grown in greenhouse conditions. The tomato loves space, it is better not to plant tightly. The variety is not capricious, it is enough to follow the standard recommendations for agricultural technology. I got 10 kilograms of berries from one bush. The fruits are juicy, fleshy, sweet. It will not work for a long time, you need to eat right away or process it into juice and paste. I advise all lovers of large-fruited varieties of tomatoes.

Ekaterina Vasilieva, 55 years old.

Good afternoon! On the recommendation of neighbors, I tried Rosemary tomatoes. In the Krasnodar Territory and other warm regions, you can safely plant seeds directly into open ground. Harvested in less than 4 months. The berries are very large, 500 grams each. An excellent option for dietary meals and children's menus.

Nadezhda Svyatova, 43 years old.

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