Description of the tomato variety Champion f1 and its characteristics

Description of the tomato variety Champion f1 and its characteristics

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"Champion F1" is a hybrid of Ukrainian selection, bred in the mid-90s of the last century and recommended for open ground. The Champion of Weight tomato should not be confused with the Champion F1 tomato, as this variety has completely different qualities.

"Champion F1" has become one of those ground tomatoes, which has become a favorite and has long been widely cultivated both by gardeners and farmers for excellent market characteristics.

Characteristics and description of the variety: tomato variety "Champion F1" is medium early. The growing season lasts 95-105 days, depending on the region of cultivation. Bushes of "Champion F1" are medium-sized, reach 1.2-1.5 m. Leaves are of normal shape, light green. The stem is strong, sinewy.

Grassing and tying must be carried out throughout the life of the plant, so that the fruits grow larger. The yield reaches 5-6 kg per plant.

Fruit characteristics

Description: Tomatoes "Champion F1" produce fruits of a rounded shape, slightly flattened at the top and bottom. The color of the fruit is bright, deep red. The hybrid has excellent commercial and taste characteristics:

  1. The fruits on the bushes are the same, large, in mass reach 300-400 grams.
  2. Beautiful, bright red.
  3. Dense, moderately juicy pulp, sugary at the break.
  4. Good taste.
  5. Bright tomato aroma of ground tomatoes.
  6. During transportation, it keeps its shape well, does not wrinkle or burst.
  7. Ripe fruit retains its marketability for up to 1 week, and brown tomatoes can be stored and ripened without losing their taste for 1-1.5 months.

These tomatoes are great for cask pickling, juicing, mashed potatoes, pasta, and more.

Tomatoes are a unique product in which, after heat treatment, the amount of vitamins in juice and tomato paste exceeds their content in fresh vegetables.

Growing tips for beginners

"Champion F1" is practically not susceptible to tomato diseases. However, it can develop apical rot or bacterial black spot.

Liming of the soil is used against top rot. It is carried out in the fall after the harvest. In order to prevent diseases and treat black bacterial spot, the bushes are sprayed with Bordeaux liquid.

NameGrowing features
SowingFor sowing, the seeds should be previously held in a pink solution of potassium permanganate for 1 hour.
SeedlingSeeds for seedlings are sown 55-60 days before planting in a permanent growing place. Planting scheme 50 x 40 cm, 3-4 bushes per 1 sq. m.
The soil"Champion F1" loves slightly acidic soil with a high calcium content, therefore, in the fall, liming of the soil should be carried out on the site.
Crop rotationDo not plant tomatoes after tomatoes or potatoes. The best predecessors for them are cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, cauliflower, parsley, dill.
Top dressingTomatoes of this variety are very sensitive to the potassium content in the soil, therefore, you should carefully consider the composition of the soil on the site and apply potash fertilizers according to the scheme three times during the entire growing period. Also, due to the fact that Champion tomatoes have a lot of large fruits, they must be fertilized with organic fertilizers.

Mulching the soil also stimulates yield well, prevents the soil from drying out and prevents weeds from growing under the bushes.

Seed collectionThe seeds of these tomatoes are not harvested, since the hybrids do not retain their qualities in the second generation.

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