Description of the cucumber variety Perfection itself, its characteristics and care

Description of the cucumber variety Perfection itself, its characteristics and care

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Gherkins are loved by many summer residents, especially those who have many children or grandchildren. Cucumber "Self Perfection" F1 will delight lovers with its harvest and taste.

Basic ideas about the variety

A detailed description gives a lot of useful information to those who first decided to grow a culture in their area. In particular, it will help to correctly position the plant on the site, applying the requirements of agricultural technology to obtain the declared yield.


  • Refers to the type of bunch plants.
  • Parthenocarpic subspecies.
  • Female flowers predominate.
  • Medium branched.
  • One bosom contains 5–6 ovaries.
  • Ripens in: 40–45 days.
  • Bears fruit for a long time.
  • Productivity: 10 kg per plant.


  • Shape: cylindrical.
  • Length: 10 cm.
  • Green colour.
  • Thorns: white (thornless).
  • Surface: lumpy.
  • Taste: excellent, without bitterness.

Disease susceptibility

One of the leading criteria for choosing cucumbers for a site is the plant's resistance to diseases. As the description of the variety shows, the culture is immune to:

  • Powdery mildew, including false.
  • White mosaic.
  • Peronosporosis.

For other diseases, treatment is required. Until the plant blooms, chemical preparations are used.

After using folk remedies. This is necessary so that harmful components do not get into the cucumbers.

Home cooking

Cucumbers "Self perfection" are used for all types of canning, fresh. As numerous reviews show, pickled vegetables taste excellent. They retain their texture and remain crispy.


Growing cucumbers of this variety on the site is not troublesome. The plant does not require much attention and care. But if some recommendations are followed, all the effort spent is compensated for by a high yield over a long period.

Planting a plant is carried out in two ways:

  1. Direct sowing into the ground.
  2. Seedling method.

Effective fruiting of cucumbers depends on the growing conditions. If you sow directly into the ground, the harvest will be, but less than with the seedling method.

Hybrid varieties do not need pre-sowing preparation. But to improve the quality of germination, the seed is soaked in solutions that stimulate growth.

Planting depth is 1–2 cm. For seedlings, the optimum temperature is + 25⁰С. After reaching the required age (2-3 weeks), the seedlings are transferred to a permanent place.

The Self Perfection hybrid grows well in any conditions, vegetable garden or greenhouse. But he feels better in protected ground.

If the culture is grown by direct sowing into the ground, they wait until the earth warms up to + 15 ⁰С. The planting scheme is as follows, between plants 15 cm, rows of 60 cm.

Complete care

For cucumbers "Self-perfection" it is important to create the necessary conditions. They consist in the implementation of the following recommendations:

  1. Organic matter is applied directly to the wells. This is done because the roots of the crop are small and close to the surface.
  2. Air temperature + 22-28 ⁰С.
  3. Mulching the beds will help retain moisture.
  4. Watered with warm water in the evening.
  5. They are fed with complex fertilizers.
  6. Preventive treatments for diseases and pests are carried out.

If cucumbers grow without proper care, do not wait for the declared yield. In addition to following these recommendations, you should loosen, remove weeds, tie the whips to the supports.

Be sure to pinch the plant. This will increase the number of fruits. Technology:

  • First of all, cucumber lashes must be tied to supports.
  • After the main stem reaches a size of 0.5 m, the lower lateral shoots are removed, along with the ovaries and inflorescences. Subsequent shoots from the central trunk of the plant are preserved.
  • Removal of their growth point is recommended after the formation of 3-4 cucumbers.
  • After the central whip has grown to the top of the support, you can lower it down. Then remove the growth point.

The correct formation of the bush will give the plant the opportunity to develop a powerful stem with a lot of large cucumbers.

The opinion of summer residents regarding the cucumbers "Self perfection"

More useful information about varieties is given by reviews. Summer residents share their experience, suggest to novice gardeners how to properly grow a culture and care for it.

  • Marina. I planted a few cucumber seeds "Perfection itself". I was struck by the unpretentiousness of the plant, it grew without proper care. The next year, she planted more bushes, reacted more responsibly to growing. I got a record harvest, enough for myself, friends, relatives and neighbors.
  • Rita. Superbundled cucumbers. Liked their appearance. Perfectly suited for consumption fresh and canned in winter preparations.
  • Andrei. Growing a plant of the "Self-perfection" variety in the open field did not cause any difficulties. I covered the planting with a film. He picked cucumbers right up to the snow, since with the onset of autumn frosts he again covered the bushes. I liked the taste of vegetables and the thin skin.

"Perfection itself" is a type of cucumber related to gherkins. The plant fell in love with the fact that the fruits ripen, a long period.

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