Growing, characteristics and description of varieties of bush cucumber for open ground

Growing, characteristics and description of varieties of bush cucumber for open ground

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Bush cucumber is created for small areas. Due to its unusual structure, the hybrid version does not take up much space in the garden, it bears fruit amicably, and it is easy to care for it.

Common types of cucumbers require a lot of space, as their lashes reach three meters in length. And neat bush cucumbers are compact, they are often planted along fences, paths as ornamental plants.

By the ripening time, the vegetable belongs to the early ripening, and already three weeks after the appearance of the first fruit, you can remove the bushes from the garden. Their fruiting is over. The bush cucumber is an indeterminate species and is intended for open field planting. Many varieties require insect pollination, so they are not suitable for a greenhouse.

Features of bush cucumber

The characteristic and description of a bush-type vegetable crop is based on the following characteristics that it has:

  1. The bushes are compact, their whips reach lengths from 50 to 80 centimeters. The shortness of internodes gives the plant splendor.
  2. From one square meter of a garden bed, you can collect from three to five kilograms of greens. This is not much, but cucumbers can grow quickly, together, without getting sick.
  3. The fruits ripen early, so they are feasted on at the end of June.
  4. Small in length and weight, greens are also suitable for pickling, pickling, making salads.

This type of vegetable is popular among vegetable growers due to its unpretentiousness, high taste, compactness. But no matter what good conditions cucumbers grow, large yields from the bush cannot be obtained.

Popular varieties of bush cucumbers

Among the well-known bush cucumbers for open ground are the following:

  1. Already on the 47th day after the emergence of seedlings, the fruits of the Microsh variety are obtained. Zelentsy are ten centimeters long, weighing just over a hundred grams, and give a good harvest. Dark green, slightly pubescent, they are suitable both for fresh consumption and for canning.
  2. Vegetable growers have no complaints about the Kustovaya variety. Since it is pollinated by bees, it is suitable for open beds. Small elongated greens have many tubercles on the surface, covered with a dark fluff. Harvested from one square meter to three and a half kilograms of delicious, without bitterness vegetables. They perfectly tolerate transportation, they are stored for a long time without turning yellow.
  3. The Dar variety is ideal for pickling. After all, his fruits reach eleven centimeters in size, are saturated with green color, with large thorns. It ripens early, the ovaries are formed in 47 - 52 days after full germination.
  4. Dark green cucumbers of the Malysh variety with tubercles do not even reach ten centimeters in length. Although the harvest is not high - up to forty-five fruits are removed from one bush - the great taste without bitterness will delight vegetable growers. Keep the harvest fresh for up to ten days.
  5. Bush cucumber Shorty bears fruit early. On short stems on the fiftieth day of growth, there are many tasty juicy greens.
  6. Hybrid Little sturdy little one is not afraid of frost, fungal diseases. Hilly greens are delicious in salting, summer salads.
  7. The best Dutch varieties are represented by Hector F1. Cucumbers have become widespread due to their resistance to diseases, low temperatures. The harvested vegetable crops are distinguished by excellent keeping quality.
  8. For cucumbers Boy with a finger does not need pollination, so it can be planted in greenhouses and in the garden. Zelents ripen soon, on the fortieth day after germination, in bunches. Fruits are fragrant, with juicy pulp, almost no seeds. The hybrid is unpretentious in care, gives high yields.

Bush varieties of cucumbers feel great outdoors, bear fruit amicably, belong to early or mid-season hybrids. Due to rapid maturation, they rarely get sick, are attacked by pests.

Vegetable planting rules

There are two ways of planting a garden crop: by seeds in open ground or through seedlings.

Before sowing, select varieties of cucumbers for open ground. Having sorted out low-quality, empty seeds, the seed is placed in water heated to a temperature of forty degrees. The procedure will speed up the ripening of the vegetable crop.

It is better to plant seeds in a square-nesting way or in rows. For bush cucumbers, the distance between the rows should be at least seventy centimeters. When sowing square-nested, the nests are placed at the same distance. Up to six germinated seeds are planted in one nest. Seeds are covered three to five centimeters deep into the soil.

Before planting, the soil is fertilized with humus, thoroughly mixed with turf soil. The soil is thoroughly watered so that the seed gets into the damp ground.

For seedlings for open ground, varieties are sown in peat pots, bringing the seedlings to twenty days of age. Once the seedlings are ready, up to four plants are placed in each well in peat cups.

To increase the temperature in the ground, to protect the plantings from the wind, corn, peas or beans are planted in the open field every three rows of cucumbers.

Correct planting of a cucumber plant will increase productivity, save it from spring frosts.

Care tips for bush cucumber varieties

Growing cucumber bushes does not require special knowledge, caring for them is the same as for ordinary types of vegetables. In order for bush cucumbers to bear fruit together, it is necessary to organize:

  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • loosening;
  • weeding.

Despite the fact that bush cucumbers are moisture-loving, they should be watered abundantly only after the ovaries appear. At the beginning of flowering, the amount of watering is reduced. It is best to organize watering in the evening, wetting the bushes from above. The shower has a beneficial effect on the state of the plant. It washes dust from leaves, humidifies the surrounding air.

The vegetable culture is fed with mullein alternating with mineral fertilizers. Organic dressing is dissolved in water in a ratio of 1: 8. Minerals in a bucket of water are taken in the amount of thirty grams of ammonium nitrate, twenty-five - superphosphate, ten - potassium salt. The second time, only ammonium nitrate and potassium salt are used.

Loosening of the soil, weeding is carried out as needed. According to the rules, they are loosened after long rains, when the soil begins to dry out.

On hot days, you need to hide the bushes from the midday sun, covering them with shields of shingles or twigs.

Although the bush type of vegetable is not susceptible to diseases, it is better to take preventive measures. For this, vegetable plants are sprayed with a solution of colloidal sulfur, and ten days later - with a Bordeaux mixture. When white rot appears on parts of the plant, the diseased areas are sprinkled with lime or crushed charcoal.

Since the spores of the fungus live in the soil, it must be spilled with boiling water before planting the vegetable.

For other diseases, the vegetable crop does not have time to survive. Early ripening of zelents leads to the end of the growing season of the plant in July. Cucumbers grow well and quickly with proper care.

What vegetable growers say

The opinion of gardeners, their reviews of the bushy type of vegetable speaks in favor of choosing a compact plant. Summer residents are attracted by the fact that caring for bush crops is easy. They can be conveniently and beautifully positioned on the site. Some use the look in their backyard design. When the time for the ripening of cucumbers comes, bunches of greens in the dense foliage of the bush look original.

Most often, those varieties are chosen for cultivation that have established themselves as disease-resistant, not afraid of morning frosts. Among these varieties - Kid, Boy-with-finger, hybrid Hector. It is easy to care for bush cucumbers, it is convenient to harvest small greens.

The grown vegetable is versatile in use, has a pleasant appearance, juicy pulp, almost no seeds.

If you are overcome with thoughts of which cucumbers to plant, then besides the usual types, you need to choose bush ones. If large greens are suitable only for fresh consumption, salad slicing, then baby greens, plucked from a bush, are suitable for any preparations and dishes.

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