Useful properties and contraindications of Knotweed, application and recipes of traditional medicine

Useful properties and contraindications of Knotweed, application and recipes of traditional medicine

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The bird highlander is appreciated for its useful properties, versatility and availability of use, but it also has contraindications. The herbaceous plant is used in the preparation of tinctures, decoctions, tonic drinks, with their help they increase immunity, get rid of many ailments and diseases. Despite the naturalness of the composition, the admission is not recommended for some people due to certain contraindications.

What is avian highlander?

Highlander grass is an annual plant that grows in any corner of the city or outside the city. Near the highway, in the fields, in residential areas, in summer cottages, courtyards, on the street. The weed culture is famous for its high rates of self-pollination; when it covers new territories, it covers everything with a green carpet.

When the stem is cut, the plant does not die, but resumes growth. In various regions, the grass is called the mountaineer: goose grass, murava grass, one of the common names for knotweed. In addition to the medicinal properties that have been steadily attached to the plant in medicine, it is used in households as food for birds.

Botanical description

Highlander bird belongs to the Buckwheat family, most often grows in temperate latitudes. It is a thin-stemmed plant with an average length of up to 70 cm with a characteristic slope towards the soil, very branched, with blue-green leaves. During the flowering period, numerous small white-pink flowers form on the stem of the knotweed, after which small fruits appear in the form of brown nuts. The periodicity of flowering and ripening is observed from April to October.

Chemical composition

The medicinal plant Knotweed has an effective chemical composition:

  • tannins up to 4.8%;
  • flavonoids from 7.3-9.4%;
  • essential oils;
  • coumarin, anthraquinones;
  • sucrose;
  • vitamins: retinol, carotene, ascorbic acid;
  • minerals: calcium, iron, magnesium.

The benefits of the plant

In folk and official medicine, highlander herb is actively used in the form of drinks, decoctions, tinctures, compresses. For the treatment of inflammatory diseases, several courses are taken, the patient gets rid of chronic diseases of the kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract.

Thanks to vitamins, minerals, essential oils, the tissues of internal organs are fully restored and function with renewed vigor. Herbal medicine with poultry knotweed regulates the formation of stones in the urinary tract, helps to reduce acid, sodium chloride mineral salts. Knotweed is prescribed to restore the body after intoxication, as well as to treat dysentery.

Flavonoids in the Knotweed normalize blood clotting, increase the contractility of smooth muscle organs. The content of herbal preparations contributes to the regulation of metabolic processes. Thanks to the tannins in the grass, the mountaineer is disinfected from microbes and inflammations. The astringent action stops internal bleeding, as well as external bleeding when receiving various injuries.

For adult men and women

The bird's mountaineer regulates the work of the genitourinary system of both women and men. Drinking a healthy drink eliminates sand, stones from the bladder, after which the affected areas return to their normal state. The great merit of the plant in its antiseptic properties, which effectively destroy microbes and toxins. Useful decoctions, infusions support work and cleanse the kidneys, stomach, liver.

Many men suffer from uric acid build-up in their joints, which often leads to chronic gout.

Taking a course of treatment with bird highlander will help alleviate the symptoms, in some cases even completely heal the disease.

For the female body, knotweed infusion is effective for uterine and hemorrhoidal bleeding. Efficiency is noted after abortion, childbirth, with hypermenorrhea. Reception of the herbal composition has an anti-inflammatory effect on the ovaries. Highlander bird restores the body after long-term treatment of female diseases.

Useful components in the composition:

  • have hemostatic properties;
  • reduce bleeding of wounds;
  • promote tissue healing;
  • increase weakened immunity.

Women are recommended for infertility to undergo a course of treatment with broths of Knotweed. To do this, pour 20 g of dry grated grass into a glass, pour 200 ml of boiled water. Insist 40 minutes, filter and take 2 tbsp. l. 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2 months a year.

For nursing and pregnant women

Women in the gestational period should not use the medicinal plant in any formulations and doses. During lactation, reception is also excluded. If, for some reason, a medical specialist recommends treatment with highlander bird, then only with the condition of complete refusal to breastfeed the child.

For children

The tannins contained in the herb relieve skin inflammations, rashes, and heal pustules. Baths with a decoction of knotweed in a proportion of 0.5 liters of boiled water per 1 tbsp. dried herbs have a beneficial effect on dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, vasculitis, epidermolysis, boils of varying complexity. According to medical research, it has been established that weed grass is not toxic to people of any category, but it is forbidden to take herbal liquids for children under 12 years old.

In old age

Loss of strength, prolonged depression, developing into neurasthenia, worsen the general condition of a person in old age. All this leads to high blood pressure, headaches. To fight age-related ailments, it is advised to take the herb highlander as a tonic, sedative, the infusion has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and restores strength. As a result of one intake of a decoction of knotweed, headaches recede, pressure decreases. Also note excellent antispasmodic results in rheumatism. Herbal treatment does not bypass people with high blood sugar and stool disorders. In such cases, the herbal drink is taken at bedtime.

For special categories

With chronic diseases, as well as people with physiological abnormalities, you should not take knotweed drinks without consulting a doctor. The chemical composition in highlander herb can cause side effects if the person is taking medication.

How is bird knotweed used in folk medicine

Even in ancient times, the hemostatic and antimicrobial properties of the grass mountaineer were discovered. Avicenna mentions this in his works; also a herb is still used in Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Today, diseases such as tuberculosis, whooping cough, cystitis, impotence can be cured.

Treatment of tuberculosis and whooping cough

The content of active antimicrobial substances in bird knotweed contributes to the treatment of tuberculosis, whooping cough and other diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It is taken in the form of a decoction in the following order:

  • dry grass 25 g grind, fall asleep in a container, then pour 200 ml of boiled water;
  • insist one hour, then filter through a strainer;
  • take 0.5 tbsp. 3 times a day 15 minutes before meals.

How to cure cystitis

Cystitis is a common disease among the female half. This is due to a certain structure of the genitals, every fourth woman at least once, but faced with such a diagnosis. You can cure and quickly relieve unpleasant symptoms with the following drink:

  • bird knotweed in the form of dry grass is crushed into a container in the amount of 20 g;
  • pour 1 tbsp. boiled water;
  • put on fire for 15 minutes;
  • insist for about 1 hour and then filter;
  • take 1 tbsp. before breakfast, lunch, dinner.

How to cure knotweed impotence

Impotence is treated with various herbal preparations, including knotweed. To make a healthy herbal drink, you will need:

  • dry knotweed in an amount of 20 g, which is poured into a glass;
  • pour boiled water to the top;
  • take 0.5 tbsp. 3-5 times a day before meals.

How to quickly relieve fatigue

Fatigue is not a disease, but refers to ailments that can disable the entire body. To bring yourself to a vigorous state, you need to brew herbal tea:

  • 2 tbsp are poured into a saucepan. with a bump;
  • pour 350 ml of cold water;
  • bring to a boil and insist;
  • drink 1 cup 3 times a day.

In cooking

Fresh herb is used in cooking, it is added to salads, green soups, and pie filling is prepared. When preparing meals, it is important to use a young plant that grows away from highways and densely populated areas. It can be cut in the garden or in the summer cottage, cut it about 40 cm from the top. Young stems are chopped finely with other vegetables, herbs, sautéed in oil and added to the main fish or meat dishes. Its taste is hardly noticeable, but the composition will bring much more benefits to the body.

To prepare the filling for the pie, a plant of 300 g is collected, finely crumbled, poured with warm water and boiled until soft. Then they are poured into a container, where fried onions and a couple of finely chopped boiled eggs are added. Salt and pepper to taste. Pour the green onion slices. Mix everything and the filling is ready.

For those wishing to lose weight

If you take bird knotweed, sugar returns to normal, metabolism is restored, natural fat burning occurs. But at the same time, it is necessary to observe proper nutrition, temporarily exclude pasta, sweet pastries, potatoes, rice. You need to prepare a useful elixir as follows:

  • take dry compositions in equal parts: knotweed, corn silk, wild rose;
  • put everything in a thermos and pour 2 tbsp. boiled water;
  • insist all night, then drink 65 ml for 10 days 3 times a day;
  • after 10 days, rest and do 2 more courses.

The functions of the composition include three areas:

  1. Knotweed normalizes metabolic processes.
  2. Corn flakes stimulate the removal of toxins and toxins.
  3. Rosehip is a multivitamin composition to support the body.

In cosmetology

The use of Knotweed in cosmetology is versatile, it is used for the skin and hair. Compresses, lotions, steam baths cleanse the epidermis, stimulate metabolic processes. With the help of masks, the turgor of the face and neck is tightened. Treatments rejuvenate the skin and tone and radiance.

Baths with the addition of a decoction regulate the cleansing process through the pores, saturate the inner epidermis with vitamins and minerals. In addition, if you take a bath with such a decoction once a week, all inflammation, chafing on the skin will disappear.

The beneficial plant knotweed restores the scalp to prevent dandruff.

The broth is prepared for rinsing hair, the structure of which is strengthened and looks healthy.

Contraindications and harm

In case of chronic diseases, you should consult your doctor about taking highlander herb, this also applies if a person is undergoing drug therapy. The herbal drink can be harmful to people with allergies. It is especially dangerous to take decoctions for people with diseases such as thrombophlebitis, gastritis, stomach ulcer, duodenal ulcer. Cannot be taken by pregnant women and children under 12 years of age.

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