Description of the variety of tomato King honey, seeds and cultivation

Description of the variety of tomato King honey, seeds and cultivation

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Agrofirm "Russian Garden" offers professional tomato seeds, with the general name "King of the Market". This is a whole series of hybrids with different characteristics. Their main feature is high yield and commercial qualities necessary in agribusiness. Many gardeners have already tested some varieties on their plots. They report excellent yields, but not the best taste characteristics.

One of the last in the series was tomato F1 King Honey No. XII, where the producers of the variety tried to improve the taste of the fruit. This will allow the f1 series of hybrids to be successfully used in home gardens. After all, it is the gardeners and summer residents who will prefer the characteristics of taste to all commodity indicators. And the main selection criterion is the sweetness of the tomato.

That is why the adjective honey appeared in the name, as an indicator of excellent sweet taste. The Seeds of the Market King have on the label the extended name King of Honey xii, and a description of the novelty.

Description hybrid No. XII from the "King of the Market" series

Most hybrids are created to form certain qualities in a plant that are most demanded by the consumer. This is primarily productivity, the ability to withstand diseases characteristic of the species, resistance to extremes of high or low temperatures.

These qualities are often considered mandatory for hybrid varieties. With the advent of such advantages, most greenhouse farms use only hybrid seeds in the production of vegetables. It is believed that ordinary varietal plants are not able to withstand the pathogenic microflora formed in the closed conditions of film and glazed greenhouses.

  1. Market King hybrids are no exception. "King of Honey" refers to indeterminate, tall varieties that are adapted to growing in greenhouse conditions. But in regions with a sufficient duration of the summer period, it can be cultivated in the open air, but with the obligatory strengthening of the main stem to a reliable support.
  2. The plant is well leafy, during the growing season it grows up to 2 meters. In greenhouses, it is attached to trellises or tied up. The cultivation technique does not differ from the rules for caring for tall tomatoes. They boil down to moderate watering, timely top dressing, the formation of a bush in height and the removal of excess lateral shoots.
  3. Fruits with excellent commercial characteristics deserve special attention. They have a rounded, even shape. The skin is firm, smooth, red with a raspberry tint. The weight, even in the shape and size of the fruit, ranges from 180 to 220 g.
  4. Tomatoes resemble salad, pink-fruited varieties. The pulp of a tomato is juicy, but firm enough. The taste is sweet, pleasant, reminiscent of sweet cherry varieties in sugar content. Fruits are of universal purpose, they are well stored and are not afraid of transportation.

Of the entire series, this is the sweetest and tastiest tomato, the king in the "Market Kings" category. If we add the other advantages of hybrids to the excellent taste, then this variety will certainly find admirers not only among farmers, but also among amateur vegetable growers. After all, few will object to the truth that there is never too much good. The higher the yield of tasty tomatoes, the better.

Another "Honey King"

There are very similar names among the varieties. Such an example can be the almost complete namesake of the "King of Honey" variety of amateur selection "Honey King". Despite the similarity of the name, tomatoes are fundamentally different.

The Honey King tomato is popular for its unusual, sugar-like flavor. The fruits are bright yellow with an orange tinge. The cut tomato oozes with sweet juice, as if filled with honey. Tomatoes are large, weighing from 300 to 450 g, fleshy, with a thin skin and delicate texture of the flesh. These qualities have already found their fans. This variety has positive reviews and recommendations for cultivation.

Agrotechnics and care are the same as for all varieties with unlimited growth. They require attention not only at the seedling stage, but also at a permanent place. Plant formation, removal of excess lateral shoots, timely watering and feeding.

The bush, with large fruits, must be tied to a reliable support.

But for most tomato lovers, such demands are not unexpected and are unlikely to cause confusion. It is much more difficult to make a choice of a variety, preferring one "king", even honey, to all the rest. Indeed, in your own garden, unmeasured harvests are not always needed. It is much more pleasant to pamper loved ones with delicious tomatoes, surprise neighbors and acquaintances with exotic varieties of unusual shapes and colors, and enjoy the results of your labor.



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