Instructions for the use of herbicide Greneri, consumption rates and analogues

Instructions for the use of herbicide Greneri, consumption rates and analogues

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Herbicide "Greneri" is a universal composition with a systemic effect. Designed for the eradication of perennial and annual dicotyledonous plants. It is actively used in agriculture, for example, to remove weeds near grain crops. But also the composition of the herbicide "Greneri" is also used for household purposes by ordinary summer residents.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the drug "Greneri"

Herbicide "Greneri" is a composition, the main component of which is sulfonylurea. The active ingredient is triberurone-methyl. It contains 750 grams per kilogram of the product. The form of the drug is water granules that are dispersed in nature. It belongs to the group of systemic pesticides, its granules penetrate into plants in a systemic manner. Since the composition is aimed at combating specific organisms, the nature of its effect on them is called selective.

The herbicide "Greneri" is intended for large-scale or private agriculture. The active substance penetrates into the tissues of the plant, destroying them. Designed to control perennial and annual plants that belong to the dicotyledonous class. These are the ones most often found in the fields near grain crops, preventing them from growing correctly and on a large scale.

The herbicide is produced in plastic bottles. Their volume is 250 grams. One jar will contain 0.75 percent of the active ingredient, the rest will be treated water and additional components.

Principle of operation

The herbicide acts in a systemic manner. When sprayed, it penetrates through the plant leaves into the rest of the systems. However, weeds do not die off immediately. At first, emaciation, dryness, yellowing and other characteristic signs are observed. The plant dies completely only on the 2nd or even 3rd week. The speed of exposure depends on a number of factors, including:

  • air humidity;
  • temperature conditions;
  • type of plant and its natural features;
  • phases of weed development (adults are not so sensitive to the action of the poison).

Cereals are tolerant to the drug. It is rapidly metabolized in barley and wheat, so the herbicide can be called safe for humans.

Experts do not note phytotoxicity.

Resistance develops with prolonged use. Therefore, summer residents need to combine the elimination of weeds with this herbicide with others (for example, having a different mode of action, active substance and other typical characteristics).

Benefits of using the tool

Herbicide "Greneri" has a lot of advantages, which makes it popular with summer residents. These include:

  • relatively low expense of funds;
  • convenient form of release;
  • effective elimination of all types of dicotyledonous weeds;
  • low cost at the exit;
  • when used, there is no direct dependence on temperature indicators or precipitation rates.

The herbicide will be most effective when applied in the early stages of weed growth. Although it gives results if used for adult organisms. But in this case, the exposure time will be about 2-3 weeks.

Herbicide consumption rate

There are certain consumption rates. Failure to fulfill them threatens with a lack of efficiency or the fact that some weeds will remain. In particular, you need to take:

  • from 0.015 to 0.020 kg per hectare for processing wheat, barley, oats, spring weeds resistant to 2.4 D and 2 M 4X;
  • from 0.015 to 0.020 for winter crops, wheat, oats and barley for the control of one-year and two-year weeds, as well as against field thistle.

In the first case, herbicide spraying is carried out according to the following technology: the first phase, when up to three leaves are present, the second phase, during the end of early development. In this case, you will need at least 200 liters of herbicide per hectare. In the second case, spraying is carried out in the tillering phase. Consumption can reach 300 liters per hectare.

Preparation of working solution

The solution is made before use, it cannot be stored. First, the required amount of the drug is measured, depending on the purposes of processing and on the number of hectares. The bucket is filled to a quarter with water, the herbicide is added, topped up until the final volume is obtained. The sprayer is filled with 50 percent liquid, a poisonous composition is poured in. Mixing is necessarily carried out with a special mixer.

How to use the ready-made mixture?

The instructions for use assume that the product will only be sprayed. For this, special devices are used.

The equipment after filling and the platform, the containers in which the composition was mixed, are charmingly disinfected.

The mixture is used under optimal temperature conditions, preferably early in the morning or late in the evening. Of course, precipitation should not be expected.

Safety precautions when working with the drug

The product is not safe for humans, so you need to adhere to certain safety rules when working with it.

When using, a special mask is put on, and the body is protected with a robe. Gloves are put on hands. All products used during spraying are disinfected.

The degree of toxicity of the agent

The hazard class for humans is the third (low hazard). The same figure for bees. It is important to follow the safety rules.

Compatibility with other substances

There is a high degree of compatibility with various groups of drugs. In particular, it can be used in conjunction with:

  • 2.4 - D;
  • 2M - 4X;
  • diclofop methyl;
  • clopyralide.

It is undesirable to mix "Grenery" with pesticides, which are organophosphate species. There is a high degree of selectivity.

Terms and conditions of storage of funds

Store the herbicide "Greneri" in a dry, dark place, excluding exposure to sunlight. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years when closed. The finished mixture is used immediately.

Drug analogs

Analogs of the herbicide "Greneri" by the active ingredient are called:

  • "Agrostar";
  • Amstar;
  • Argamak;
  • Ben Hur;
  • "Hextar";
  • "Garnet";
  • Granilin;
  • "Grenadier";
  • "Gyurza";

  • "Bullfighting";
  • Megastar;
  • "Mortar";
  • "Prometheus";
  • Starbox;
  • "Superstar";
  • Trialt;
  • "Tribune";
  • "Trizlak";
  • "Trimmer";
  • "Ferat";
  • Khimstar;
  • "Shanstar";
  • "Express".

Herbicide "Greneri" is an effective weed control agent. But in order not to harm plants and people, it is important to use it correctly.

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