Description of the tomato variety Santa Claus, growing and caring for him

Description of the tomato variety Santa Claus, growing and caring for him

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Varietal tomato Santa appeared on the Russian markets relatively recently. It was included in the state register of plants in 2014 for cultivation in greenhouses and outdoors. Many amateur gardeners have already tried the variety in the beds and respond positively. This tomato can be grown for seeds and transplanted from its own harvest next year.

Variety characteristic

Determinant tall tomato variety Santa Claus, intended for cultivation in open and closed ground. An adult plant reaches a height of 1 meter, individual individuals grown in a greenhouse - up to 2 meters. The ripening period from planting is 100 days. When grown in seedlings, it takes 30 days from planting seedlings in the ground to harvesting.

Leaves are average, dark green in color. Up to 12 carpal ovaries with 5-6 tomatoes on each are formed on the bush. Although the plant is determinant, it still requires pinching and garter. Otherwise, the bushes will lie on the ground under the weight of the fruit.

Description of fruits - when mature they reach a weight of 150 grams. Bright red in color, on some tomatoes a pale spot is formed at the stalk in bad weather conditions. Tomatoes have a rounded smooth shape without ribbing. The taste is sweet, tomato, without acid. 4 chambers with seeds are formed in the fruit.

The yield is high - 6-10 kilograms of fruit are removed from one bush. In this case, from 3 to 5 plants are planted on one square. Maturation is amicable.

A variety of universal use, consumed fresh, prepared sauces, juices, pickled.


The seeds of the variety are planted on seedlings 2 months before transplanting into the ground. It is grown mainly in seedlings. For the speedy germination of seeds, growth stimulants are used. It is important to plant seedlings in a sunny, not windy place in the garden so that the fruits ripen evenly.

After planting in the main place of growth, it is recommended to pinch and tie up the tomatoes. It responds well to fertilizing with mineral fertilizers. Some gardeners plant two bushes in one hole to get a double harvest.

Plant care

Varietal characteristics are such that with proper plant care, the fruits ripen together and delight their gardeners with a bountiful harvest. How to care for tomatoes:

  1. Plants are watered as needed.
  2. After watering, it is advisable to loosen the soil around the stems.
  3. Weeding is essential for good tomato growth.
  4. The bushes are tied up and stepson so that they do not break under the weight of the fruit and the growth does not go into the green mass.
  5. Plants and soil are fed at least three times per season. Thus, tomatoes have enough nutrients for fruit ripening.
  6. You need to constantly inspect the green mass for rot, fungi and dryness.

Disease prevention

Diseases of tomatoes develop so quickly that they can destroy the entire crop in a week. For the prevention of diseases, sick seedlings should not be planted with healthy plants. You need to water the bushes at the root. Water falling on the leaves will cause phytophthora in tomatoes - a very dangerous disease.

Before planting, the soil is sprinkled with wood ash and watered with a warm solution of potassium permanganate. The solution destroys bacteria and fungi in the soil, thereby protecting the plants from further infection. If an infected bush is found, it is immediately removed from the site and destroyed by burning. Infected plants left for humus will transfer the fungus to the soil, and the latter will spread everywhere when digging up the site.

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