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How to breed carps in a pond

How to breed carps in a pond

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I am an avid fisherman, sitting with my husband for days at the river. I have a long-standing dream of raising carps in the cottage in the country. Just don’t know how to get down to business. We even have a place where we want to build an artificial pond. Who has such experience, please help.


Breeding carps, like any other fish at home, has many nuances. However, this is entirely possible. Many examples are known. You cannot write all the moments of the construction of the pond and the conditions for fish farming in this answer. I suggest you familiarize yourself with the article on our website: Fish for the pond: breeding, care and feeding.

I note that it is important for successful fish farming:

  • Water quality (melt, river);
  • Temperature conditions (18-20 degrees in the spring and 22-29 degrees in the summer);
  • The depth of the pond (1.5-2 m.);
  • Feed quality;
  • Providing oxygen in water (7-8 mg l.).