Description and characteristics of tomato variety Pink Rise F1

Description and characteristics of tomato variety Pink Rise F1

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Tall tomato Pink Rise F1 - the result of a special selection for the selection of valuable traits. The characteristic of this tomato makes it one of the best modern hybrids in many respects: appetizing pink color of even fruits, 100% ovary in any conditions, high and stable yields, complex disease tolerance.

Pink dream

In the era of globalization, there are no boundaries or distances for vegetable growers. The seeds of Pink Rise F1 are supplied to Russia from the French branch of the Japanese company Sakata, and the name of this hybrid tomato variety means “Pink Sunrise” in English.

For many years, leading seed corporations have financed work with tomatoes to combine in one variety a beautiful pink color, sweet taste, and disease resistance. The result was a whole series of Pink and Rose hybrid tomatoes, different in weight and ripening time: Pink Rise F1, Pink Paradise F1, Pink Lady F1, Rosalisa F1, Starrose F1, Pink Spam F1, Pink Sleep F1, Pink F1, Rose Beef F1, Beef Pink Brandy F1 and others.

In this row, the Pink Rise F1 tomato is one of the most productive. Since 2007, the variety has been registered in the State Seed Register. Recommended for any greenhouse in all regions of Russia.

The main signs

Pink Rise F1 tomatoes are hybrid, so it's pointless to collect your seeds from them, you need to buy the bags again every year. Genuine seeds are quite expensive, but they pay off with interest towards the end of the season.


A remarkable achievement of selection is the intense pink color of the Pink Rise F1 fruits both outside and inside. The glossy tomato skin shines with a pearly sheen. The color is monochromatic, without a greenish spot at the point of attachment of the stalk. Tomatoes are almost perfectly round in shape, slightly flattened at the top. The surface is even, sometimes with small smooth edges.

Tomatoes are a bit like artificial ones - so even, almost the same size. Not too large, but not too small - from 180 to 220 grams, with a minimum deviation from the standard weight of 200 grams.

Not shallow in the upper brushes, the same within each brush. The shape, color, size of the tomato - all this creates an ideal presentation, delivers aesthetic pleasure.

Taste is the best among hybrid tomatoes. Of course, the pulp is not as sugary as in large-fruited non-hybrid varieties, but it is very pleasant, with a predominance of sweetness. The consistency is quite dense, but not "rubbery". Moderate juiciness. The purpose of tomatoes is mainly salad.

The fruits are not prone to cracking. The elastic skin and strong flesh allow the Pink Rise F1 hybrid to successfully withstand long-term transportation and does not rot during storage. This quality is good for personal use and truly invaluable for market sales. Combined with external beauty, it is an ideal product for the fresh vegetable trade. Can be harvested and sold in whole brushes, tomatoes ripen in them at the same time.

Greenhouse bushes

Tomato plants Pink Rise F1 stand out for their special article and the most powerful leaf apparatus, intensively working for the harvest. The bush is indeterminate, with continuous growth, without self-limitation in height. It is pinched when the greenhouse ceiling is reached or a month before the end of the season. The stem requires a strong garter. There is no need to fasten each tomato brush separately, no creases are observed.

Despite the rather dense bush, the Pink Rise hybrid is able to withstand even a slightly thickened planting - 60x40 cm, but only in greenhouses with an ideal climate - without dampness, with good lighting and ventilation, intensive feeding will also be required. It is more suitable for industrial greenhouses.

In greenhouses of amateur vegetable growers, it is not recommended to place more than three tomato roots on one square meter. Pink Rise F1 is grown strictly in one stem, removing all stepchildren, otherwise a jungle will form without a normal harvest.

The harvest

The description of the hybrid variety Pink Rise F1 in the State Register mentions an indicator of its yield at the level of 5.3 kg per square meter. As a rule, the actual harvest from such an area is much higher: one and a half to two buckets of tomatoes. They depend little on the weather outside the greenhouse and are stable over the years. For such reliability, this hybrid is appreciated by many gardeners.

In terms of ripening, Pink Rise F1 belongs to the category of mid-season. Ripening of the first fruits begins 95-100 days after germination. The mass yield of the crop occurs from 115 to 120 days. In a good greenhouse, fruiting can be very long, like other tall tomatoes.

From the photo of the bush and reviews of the Pink Rise F1 tomato, one can understand the reason for its popularity among amateur vegetable growers: the plants are hung with spectacular fruits. Having tested this hybrid, the greenhouse owners are pleased with both the quantity and quality of the tomatoes. However, it is rightly noted that a decent harvest of tomatoes is a consequence of competent care (regular feeding, watering, pinching).

Endurance Breeding Result

The Pink Rise Tomato F1 is genetically aimed at resistance to the difficult microclimate of the greenhouse and at resistance to harmful infections.

Since tomatoes are native to tropical America, in our latitudes they like the warmth of closed ground. But excessive heat, large fluctuations in day and night temperatures, lack of breeze - all this leads to poor pollination. In critical situations, the fruit does not set or turns out to be ugly.

The problem can be solved in two ways:

  • establishment of end-to-end ventilation;
  • planting of specially bred hybrids.

Tomatoes Pink Rise F1 are just capable of successfully setting fruits in extreme temperatures. This does not mean that they do not need a breeze. These tomatoes are always prepared for the worst, but hope for the best, realizing their full potential under optimal conditions.

The main scourge of amateur tomato greenhouses is aggressive infections. Sometimes they take away almost the entire tomato crop, negating financial and labor costs. For breeders, task number 1 is to obtain resistant plants. Unfortunately, complete resistance to late blight does not yet exist, but the Pink Rise F1 hybrid is relatively hardy even to this scourge. And in general it is not affected by brown spot (cladosporium) - the next most harmful disease after phytophthora. In addition, the variety rarely suffers from gray rot. Not susceptible to fusarium and verticillary wilting, tobacco mosaic virus, the introduction of root nematodes.

By the totality of all the characteristics, the Pink Rise F1 tomato is one of the best greenhouse hybrids. It bears fruit successfully only with enhanced nutrition and timely formation. The experience of vegetable growers shows that in the open field, the return is significantly lower.

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