How to permanently get rid of nettles on the site, the rules of struggle and the best means

How to permanently get rid of nettles on the site, the rules of struggle and the best means

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Despite the fact that nettle has beneficial properties, this plant is a weed and is a hassle if it grows on the site. Everything is complicated by the fact that it is difficult to remove it, so we all remember from childhood how nettle burns the skin if we touch the stems or leaves with our bare hands. And even if the plant can be pulled out, it will grow back the following summer. Let's see how you can get rid of nettles in your garden in a short time.

Do I need to delete?

Nettle has beneficial properties. It is used to make animal feed, as well as fertilizers. You can eat the plant. Young leaves are suitable for making a tasty and healthy soup; they are added to salads, cereals, and tea is made from them.

Nettles are good for fertilizing garden beds. The crushed weed is filled with water in the proportion of ten liters of water per kilogram of nettle. It turns out an effective free feeding for fruit crops.

Based on the foregoing, we conclude that the question of the need to destroy nettles in a summer cottage is not as straightforward as it seems at first glance.

A suitable solution would be to remove weeds where they clearly interfere and harm, while leaving them in places where they do not interfere with other crops in order to use them later with benefit.

Why does she appear on the site?

The weed loves to thrive on uncultivated soil. Nettles are attracted by the fertile soil, which is subject to moisture. The very fact that the nettle has taken root in the soil is a signal that other crops will take root here.

Often the plant appears together with clover and bindweed, this indicates a low acidity of the soil. If hops or quinoa appear along with the nettle, this indicates the nitrogen content of the soil.

How to get rid of nettles in the garden?

Although the appearance of nettles on the site signals the fertility of the soil, the growth of the weed itself should be stopped in time, otherwise it will grow over the summer cottage.

Weeds, as a rule, are tenacious, so the usual pulling will be ineffective here, as the plant will begin to appear over and over again.

It is necessary to find the mother plant from which the rest of the shoots grow, and direct efforts to combat it.

Mechanical impact

In order to easily and effectively eliminate nettles in a small area, it will be enough to apply mechanical action. Dig several times over the soil where the weed is growing. Then remove all shoots and remove the roots from the soil. These actions will be enough to clear a small garden area of ​​a weed plant.


Permanently get rid of nettles in the garden will help chemical agents specifically designed for weed control. Application of chemicals is the fastest and least labor-intensive method. When dealing with large thickets of plants in large areas, you cannot do without the use of chemicals.

Weed control agents belong to the class of herbicides and are subdivided, in turn, into soil, which act on the weed through the stem and leaves, and root, which primarily affect the roots of the harmful plant.

Nettle herbicides

Roundup is considered one of the most popular remedies used in the treatment of an area from nettles. This tool quickly removes weeds without accumulating in the soil, and at the same time is absolutely harmless to the human body. It has many equally effective analogs, for example, Tornado and Zero.

To treat weeds, you need to wait for dry and warm weather. Spray the chemicals evenly on the plants. In just a few days, the weeds will die off, and it will already be possible to plant fruit crops in the ground.

Folk methods of struggle

To deal with nettles on the site, there are many effective folk methods. Weeding helps to get rid of weeds, but this is a rather laborious process, and it is not suitable for a large area with overgrown weeds. After weeding, the soil should be covered with a material that does not transmit light.

You can treat the soil, about a month before sowing, with alcohol. Then the weeds will germinate more quickly and can be weeded out before the area is sown with plant seeds.

In a greenhouse, where it is difficult to weed the soil, the method of cultivating the soil with a thirty percent solution of potassium salt is often used. However, it should be remembered that this method has a limited duration.

How to use weed for good

As mentioned above, nettle contains a large amount of nutrients and is edible after processing. In addition to soups and nettle tea, healthy teas can be made to help with hair loss and oily hair. Also, decoctions are used to treat edema and various inflammations, as well as bleeding gums.

Possible mistakes gardeners

In the process of carrying out anti-weed treatment of the site, many gardeners make mistakes that can harm vegetable crops. In particular, it is improper and inaccurate treatment of weeds with chemicals, during which chemicals get onto cultivated plants. Such carelessness can harm a culture and cause its death.

It is necessary to correctly calculate the amount of chemical and spray harmful plants with a spray bottle. Do not use a watering can to water your plants with a chemical solution.

The most important thing is that all treatments should be done only in dry warm weather. Gusts of wind will carry chemicals around the site, and they will inevitably, one way or another, fall on fruit crops.

Preventive actions

In order to prevent the appearance of weeds on the site, soil weeding is used. It should be done several times per season. Depending on the size of the site, you may need a hoe or hoe. When weeding, keep in mind that the roots of the weed are intertwined with each other, you need to pull out the plants with effort. The removed nettles after the treatment of the site should be burned.

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