Description of the tomato variety Favorite holiday, its yield

Description of the tomato variety Favorite holiday, its yield

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Tomato Favorite holiday is a godsend for those who prefer a combination of an impressive fruit size and a pleasant sweet taste. The high-yielding variety is distinguished by its unpretentiousness and strong immunity. Bred by Siberian breeders. The characteristics of this variety indicate an almost complete absence of flaws.

Description of the variety

Favorite holiday - a variety that has a good yield. The determinant bush differs in height: plants can grow up to 180 centimeters. Tomatoes of this type need tying and pinching. The mass of leaves is formed in moderation, the color of the leaf is dark green, the size is medium.

The fruits of the Favorite Holiday variety do not ripen immediately, but gradually. The ovary of the most recent specimens appears at the end of the season, in August. Fruiting at the highest level: 1 square meter can, with proper crop care, "give" a vegetable grower up to 8 kilograms of selected fruits.

Tomato fruits are very large. The tip is slightly pointed; a pronounced ribbing can be observed at the peduncle. Fruit weight can reach 1300 grams. The skin is thin, but dense enough that the fruit does not crack during ripening, storage and transportation.

It should be noted that the tomatoes are slightly smaller at the top than those on the lower stems. Fruit color during ripening changes from light green to warm pink. The pulp contains few seeds, is juicy, fleshy and very sugary.

Thanks to the sweet, rich taste of the fruit, you can use the harvest of your Favorite holiday for making salads, soups, mashed potatoes and sauces. Due to their rather large size, these tomatoes are not suitable for canning as a whole, however, any other options are possible: cooking tomato paste, tomatoes in their own juice, etc.

Positive and negative qualities

Tomatoes of the Favorite holiday variety have a lot of advantages, including:

  • excellent taste;
  • fairly high yield;
  • the ability to resist disease;
  • variety of applications;
  • unpretentious care;
  • fruiting throughout the season;
  • excellent marketability of tomatoes;
  • large fruit weight.

Gardeners who leave feedback on the use of tomatoes Favorite holiday, giving comments on the cultivation of this variety, note some disadvantages:

  • increased exactingness of tomatoes A favorite holiday for the composition of the soil, which should be regularly enriched;
  • the need to form a bush.

Of course, the described shortcomings can be considered disadvantages only conditionally. Rather, these are the nuances of caring for the variety.

Growing features

A brief description of the variety and the cultivation process is on the seed package. Start growing tomato A favorite holiday is necessary with sowing seeds for seedlings. They need to be planted after March 15th.

It is advisable to use a growth stimulator for seed treatment - in this case, the germination of the material will be slightly higher. Disinfection does not need to be carried out, since this procedure is performed without fail at the time of pre-sale preparation of seeds.

Planting should be carried out in soil, which consists of turf (or garden) soil with the addition of clean washed river sand and wood ash. With a depth of 1.5 - 2 centimeters, the seeds should be planted in small containers, which are covered with foil and placed in a warm place. When the first shoots appear, the film should be removed, and the container should be taken out to a bright place.

If the provision of such conditions is a problem, care must be taken to supplement the seedlings.

After the first two true leaves appear, the seedlings should be chopped and fed with a nitrogen-based fertilizer. Plants can be transplanted into the greenhouse as early as mid-May, provided that the frost has stopped. Up to 4 plants can be placed on 1 square meter. Watering tomatoes A favorite holiday should be sparingly, but regularly. Excess moisture can harm plants. It is great if the summer resident has the opportunity to install a drip irrigation system in the greenhouse, which will ensure moderate but constant soil moisture.

It is necessary to form a bush in 2 stems. During the season, fertilizers based on potassium and phosphorus should be applied at the root several times. To increase the size of the fruit, small and deformed inflorescences should be removed in a timely manner. It is imperative to tie the bush to a support or trellis.

Diseases and pests

Tomatoes of the Favorite Holiday variety show resistance to the development of diseases, but they can suffer from phytophthora, like other mid-season and late varieties. To avoid this problem, it is necessary to treat the plants with preparations containing copper.

You can cope with root rot through regular ventilation, careful watering and timely loosening of the soil. The same methods should be used to prevent the development of apical rot.

By spraying plants with insecticides, you can save them from harmful insects. After the beginning of fruiting, chemical preparations are strictly prohibited to use.

If the bush has begun to bear fruit, it is necessary to change the methods of eliminating pests. So, some folk remedies have proven themselves well:

  • a solution of laundry soap for spraying;
  • tincture of onion peel;
  • celandine broth;
  • a mixture of wood ash and tobacco dust for dusting.

Tomatoes Favorite holiday - well-proven representatives of the nightshade family. With proper care, the summer resident is guaranteed a wonderful harvest and excellent quality tomatoes. This is confirmed by the reviews of those who have already planted tomatoes. Favorite holiday.

Gardeners reviews

Irina Pacianidi, Kazakhstan:

“I sowed the seeds of my favorite holiday on March 12, and on July 16, on my husband’s birthday, we were already eating the first tomatoes. Although the summer was quite cold this year, the tomatoes have ripened. Last year it was warmer, the first fruits were received at the very beginning of July. This year has convinced me that it is necessary to plant a Favorite holiday. Fruit size of tomato varieties Favorite holiday inspires respect. It is convenient to process because the foliage grows on the bushes in moderation. The taste is excellent, sweet. "

Anna Korzheva, Saratov:

“The very first thing that makes me happy about tomatoes. Favorite holiday is the size of the fruits. My biggest achievement among all planted species is 1150 grams, which is a lot. As for taste, here my opinion will remain neutral. Simply sweet, juicy, without bright pronounced shades. I think the weather is to blame. The summer was cold, there was practically no sun. Next year I will repeat the experiment, and then we'll see. "

Sergey Ivanchenko, Moscow region:

“Favorite holiday - my favorite variety, I have been growing these tomatoes for several years in a row. I planted it in a greenhouse, got an excellent result. Interestingly, the variety was one of the first to start yielding and finished the last - at the end of September, the last green tomatoes were removed. He looked after the rest of the tomatoes. "

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