Types of strawberry coasters, how to do it yourself

Types of strawberry coasters, how to do it yourself

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Whoever grows garden strawberries knows that it is very convenient to have strawberry stands. Berries are clean as for selection. They are free of mold and holes eaten by insects. Supports can be bought, or you can make yourself using the materials that are in the country.

What are they?

Clean, dry berries are the main purpose of the support. The simplest models are sold in every gardening department. It is a small green plastic structure in the form of a loop on a pin. It must be applied correctly. Install in early spring, immediately after pruning old leaves.

Stick the support so that the circle lies on the ground around the future bush. Pull it out gradually as the strawberries grow. With proper use, leaves, peduncles, berries do not suffer. It is difficult to install a structure on an overgrown bush.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Supports

The use of holders, coasters, bedding for strawberries brings tangible benefits. All options prevent berry rot, protect them from slugs and beetles. It is not difficult and inexpensive to install props on a small ridge. For a large plantation, this requires a lot of time and certain financial costs.

Types of props

There are many options for props. The disposable plastic fork is the most basic. On a large strawberry plantation, this life hack will not be useful, but for a small ridge it will be just right. Each fork needs to break 2 central prongs. You need to stick such supports under each peduncle.To protect berries from rot, dirt, insects, natural materials are suitable: straw, sawdust, peat. They are scattered (laid out) under the strawberry bushes.

The berries do not touch the ground, therefore they remain clean, are not damaged by insects, and are less affected by the fungus.

To protect berries in the store, you can purchase industrial materials:

  • mesh;
  • black film;
  • black non-woven fabric;
  • plastic structures.

Preparation for work

Film and black non-woven material are used in drip irrigation systems. These are multifunctional options. On the one hand, they prevent moisture evaporation and save water. On the other hand, they protect berries and bushes from dirt, slugs, and other insects.

It's easy to work with these materials. They are durable. They can serve for several years. It is necessary to lay the covering material (film) in the spring. First, put on the canvas the layout of the bushes. Then make cruciform notches. Spread the film on the ridge, pull the bushes out through the notches.

The fine mesh is used in the same way as for the film. It also needs to make holes for the bushes. If the cells are large, you do not need to do this. As long as the stems are small, they can simply be tucked into the hole. When the strawberry bushes grow up, the net should be lifted off the ground by tying it to the pegs.

Wire can be used in several ways:

  • stick pegs along a row of strawberries, pull a wire between them;
  • cut into pieces, make holders in the shape of the letter "M", set several pieces at each bush, put flower stalks on them.

The finished plastic structures look aesthetically pleasing. Place holders under each bush. They come in different sizes. They are assembled simply. They have legs. The bushes are not damaged, as the product has latches. The holder is first placed under the bush, then given the desired shape and fixed with latches.

How to make do-it-yourself strawberry props?

The simplest strawberry stand is made with your own hands from a wire with a cross section of 6-8 mm. The wire should be strong but easy to bend. Tools and accessories that are needed for work:

  • a piece of pipe (metal, plastic) with a diameter of 15-20 cm;
  • pliers;
  • side cutters.

Step-by-step manufacturing algorithm:

  • cut a piece 80 cm long with side cutters;
  • form a loop, for this, wrap one end around the pipe (1 turn);
  • bend the loop 90 ° with pliers.

Three simple steps, and a comfortable support for the strawberry bush is ready. It's easy to use. The pin is inserted into the ground next to the plant. The ring is smoothly wound under the leaves and peduncles. It keeps fruits and stems away from the ground.

Making a stand for strawberries from plastic bottles with a volume of 1.5 liters is no less simple. Better if the plastic is brown. During the winter, they need to accumulate as much as possible. From the tools you need only a sharp knife and side cutters, from additional materials - a thin wire (2-2.5 mm) and tape.

The bottom of the bottles must be cut off. Collect a pipe from them, sticking the top of one bottle into the bottom of another. The length of the structure depends on the length of the ridge. For the convenience of transporting at home, you can make short sections, finally assemble on site. Fix the pipe joints with tape.

Cut pieces from the wire, bend the U-shaped staples. Put 2 pipe holders along the row of strawberries. Fasten with staples on both sides. Gardeners using this design note the following advantages:

  • berries ripen earlier;
  • a favorable climate is created around the bushes, there are no drafts, the air cools less at night;
  • leaves, flowers, berries do not come into contact with the ground;
  • dirt and water do not linger on the plastic surface;
  • insects do not settle under bottles.

Subsequent planting and care of strawberries

Every year you need to break a new bed of strawberries, then the harvest will be every year. In one place, the berry bears fruit for 5 years. Therefore, in the country you need to have several strawberry plots:

  • first year of life;
  • A 2-year-old garden bed that yields a small crop;
  • 3-year-old productive;
  • 4 year old productive;
  • 5 years old.

For reproduction, first-order rosettes are taken from healthy, productive bushes. The planting scheme is chosen 35 x 80 cm or 50 x 80 cm. The choice depends on the size of the mature bushes. The more powerful they are, the greater the distance between the holes.

In order to protect strawberries from rot during fruiting, you can cover the ridges with straw, put holders under each bush. After prolonged rains, it is necessary to treat the bushes with biological products:

  • "Trichophyte" (200 ml per 10 liters of water);
  • "Gaupsin" (200 ml per 10 liters of water);
  • Rosconcentrate (20 ml per 10 liters of water).

Spraying protects berries from gray mold and insects.

Additional recommendations

Strawberries can be grown not only on the ground. A bed made of PVC pipes will look original. You can place it anywhere in the garden: hang it on a fence, put it on vertical supports.

You will need 2 pipes:

  • one small diameter (40 mm) for watering, you need to drill holes in it, you can take a garden hose;
  • the second large diameter (main).

In the main pipe, every 15 cm, holes with a diameter of 10-15 cm need to be cut.After that, proceed to filling:

  • pour small pebbles, this will be drainage;
  • push in a hose with holes for irrigation, wrap it with a covering material beforehand, the holes will not be clogged with earth;
  • fill in the nutrient substrate.

Strawberry bushes are planted in the holes of the pipe. The berries on such a pipe bed are always clean, they do not need additional support. It's easy to look after them. Liquid fertilizers can be added to the water for irrigation.

There are many options for original strawberry beds. Build ridges from used car tires. They are made from plastic bottles. The vertical barrels for strawberries are very popular. During flowering and fruiting, wooden pyramid ridges become the decoration of the garden.

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