Characteristics and description of the Hali Gali tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Hali Gali tomato variety, its yield

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Hali Gali tomato has not only a funny name. Adjusts the appearance of the fruit, round with a small nose, in a cheerful mood. This new hybrid can be grown outdoors in the south. In Siberia and the Urals, under temporary shelter or in any type of greenhouse.


Hali Gali f1 tomatoes ripen early. It belongs to the group of early maturing hybrids. From the appearance of the first shoots to the collection of ripe fruits, it takes a little more than 100 days (100-110). According to the type of growth, Hali Gali tomatoes are determinant. The growth of the bush in the open field is 80 cm (100 cm). Bushes are vigorous, densely covered with medium-sized foliage. The first inflorescence is formed over 5 or 7 inflorescences.


The fruits are rather large. The average weight does not exceed 250 g. The color of the pulp and skin of ripe tomatoes is bright, rich, red. The original shape is rounded with an elongated spout, very attractive for gardeners engaged in harvesting.

Spout tomatoes look great in jars of winter pickles. The fruit tastes excellent. Early tomatoes in early summer are the main suppliers of vitamins. Delicious summer salads, gazpacho soup, sauces for meat are prepared from them.

The yield for a hybrid of open ground is 8 kg from 1 m², when grown in a greenhouse - almost 2 times higher (15 kg / m²). This number of tomatoes, subject to the planting scheme in the exhaust gas 50 * 40 cm, is about 5 roots per square meter.


Properties that are important in the analysis of a variety are shown in the table.

Immunitytobacco mosaic virus, late blight, bacterial spot
attitude to high summer temperaturesheat resistant
fruit qualityhigh
attitude to transportationlong-term transportation is allowed

About the disadvantages. A large harvest is obtained only with the use of fertilizers. Without root, foliar dressing, it is below average.

What gardeners say

By studying the reviews of gardeners, it is easier to understand whether a particular variety is needed this season and how many roots to plant.

Ivan, Tula

Last season I planted some Hali Gali roots. He did not like the climate or my leaving, but he showed an average yield, the taste was below 4 points, not all tomatoes had spouts. Maybe the seeds were not of high quality.

Sergey, Michurinsk

Hali Gali has been in our greenhouse for the fourth year already. We plant only 4 bushes. We place it on 1 m². We feed, we stepchild. Remove a bucket of tomato from each bush.


The hybrid is early in terms of timing, so you can sow seeds for seedlings in March and April. Tomatoes in both cases will have time to ripen. The process of growing the seedlings before transplanting them into the OG or greenhouse will take 50-60 days. Upon reaching this age, young tomatoes are easier to tolerate stress during transplantation, get sick less, bloom faster.

Advice. Sow seeds in shallow trays. Cover them with foil, creating a favorable environment for rapid germination. Dive when the sprouts are up to 5 cm.

It is important to correctly determine the time when it is necessary to transplant into the exhaust gas (greenhouse), there are no tomatoes that are not afraid of spring frosts and this must be taken into account when planting.

In the non-chernozem zone, they are planted in the garden at 10 June, under the arcs on May 15-20, and in the greenhouse after April 20. A good harvest can be achieved if the planting scheme is followed; planting more than 6 roots per 1 m² is not recommended.


The main care begins 2 weeks after the seedlings are planted in the OG (greenhouse). First of all, tomatoes are watered and fed. For top dressing, it is not necessary to buy mineral fertilizers.

If you have a plastic or iron barrel, you can prepare a herbal infusion useful for tomatoes. Pick up any herb, fill the barrel by ⅔ and fill it with water. After 5-7 days, the fertilizer is ready, you need to add 1-1.5 liters to the watering can.

Feed the second time when Hali Gali blooms, the third - when the ovaries begin to form. When setting fruits, use fertilizers that include potassium and phosphorus.

Attention. In the second half of summer, do not use fertilizers containing nitrogen.

Tomato bushes need to be shaped. Remove stepchildren regularly. It is better to keep the bush in 2 stems. When pouring the fruit, the load on the branches increases. Throughout the season, you need to tie the branches to the support.


The characteristics and description of the Hali Gali tomato variety are of interest to tomato lovers. It attracts the universal application and the original appearance of the hybrid. The choice of this variety allows you to have large and sweet early tomatoes in your diet already at the beginning of July.

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