A simple recipe for making plum jam with orange for the winter

A simple recipe for making plum jam with orange for the winter

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You won't surprise anyone with plum jam for a long time - many housewives stock up on this delicacy for future use, filling the shelves of the cellar. Recently, they began to supplement a delicious dessert with not quite familiar ingredients, one of which is citruses. Making plum jam with oranges will take very little time, so even a novice housewife can handle the process.

Basic technological principles of making plum jam with oranges

Compliance with the basic technological principles and strict adherence to the recipe will make it possible to prepare jam, in which plum wedges and citrus particles float temptingly. A careless attitude to the rules and improper cooking will turn the dessert into an ordinary jam.

Proper preparation of jam involves simmering, without noisy boiling. Be sure to regularly stir and remove the foam.

Preparing the main ingredients

Preparing the ingredients for the dessert is easy. Rinse the plums, remove the stone, cut into 4-6 pieces. If the fruit is small, it is recommended to leave the halves.

Citruses require more complex preparation. The first step is to remove the yellow zest (dry it, use it in desserts). This is followed by the removal of white layers - they will spoil the taste of the treat. The prepared citrus must be cut into small pieces.

Plum jam with orange and honey

If it is possible to use a bee product, it is recommended to prepare the canning with honey.


  1. Mix the prepared plum particles (1 kg) with natural honey (400 g).
  2. Send the mass to the fire, after boiling, add chopped citrus (100 g).
  3. While stirring, cook for half an hour after boiling.

Pour into sterilized containers, seal, turn the lid upside down, wrap warmly.

Plum jam with orange in the oven

The recipe for cooking delicacies in the oven is considered traditional in many families.


  1. Mix together fruit and citrus slices (500 g each).
  2. Cover the mass with sugar (800 g).
  3. Place the container in the oven.
  4. At a low temperature (150 degrees), cook for two hours.

Place in jars immediately, capping. Cooling - under a warm blanket, it is not necessary to turn it over.

Plum jam with orange and lemon

Sour citrus will help to complement the plum-orange flavor, which will add its own aromatic note.


  1. Mix together the orange particles (400 g) and the plums (800 g).
  2. Pour sugar (1200 g) into the container with the main ingredients.
  3. Put the mass on the fire, after boiling, reduce the boiling point, cook for 40 minutes.
  4. 3-5 minutes before removing the jam from the stove, squeeze the juice from 5 slices of large lemon directly into the mixture.

Dispense into clean containers, roll up, turn over and insulate for slow cooling.

Plum jam with orange juice and zest

It is not necessary to use citrus particles for cooking - the juice and zest will equally effectively change the taste and aroma of the treat.


  1. Prepare a syrup based on citrus juice, zest, sugar. To do this, mix 400 ml of juice, 1 kg of sugar, zest removed from 2 citruses, bring to a boil.
  2. Pour the fruit particles (1 kg) with boiling sweet liquid.
  3. Boil, avoiding a noisy boil, for half an hour.

Send dessert to jars, capping. You do not need to turn it over for cooling - it is recommended to send it to storage immediately.

Plum jam with orange and cinnamon

Cinnamon will add its exquisite touch to the plum treat. It is recommended to use a spice stick - the powder does not have such a persistent aroma.


  1. Boil sugar syrup (1 kg of sweet ingredient, 100 ml of water).
  2. Pour plums (700 gr.) And orange slices (150 gr.) With boiling liquid.
  3. Cook for 20 minutes, add a cinnamon stick, simmer for another quarter of an hour.
  4. Remove the stick, boil for 5 minutes.

Fill and seal, cool by turning the lid upside down.

Plum jam with orange for the winter without cooking

If you don't have time to cook plum treats, you can do without this process. Of course, you cannot do without heat treatment at all, otherwise you will get a fruit salad, the storage duration of which is only a few days, but it is recommended to use for this not a saucepan, but a multicooker, which will greatly simplify cooking.


  1. Mix prepared plums (800 g) with citrus slices (200 g).
  2. Transfer the mass to the multicooker bowl, cover with sugar (1100 g).
  3. Turn on the "Stew" mode, cook for an hour.

Send the treat to the jars, roll it up. Store immediately in cool conditions.

Plum jam with raisins and orange

The preparation of raisins, fruits and citrus is recommended to be used as a filling in baked goods or simply to eat with bread.


  1. Rinse the raisins, pour boiling water over for a quarter of an hour, dry using a napkin.
  2. Mix raisins (200 g), plum particles (750 g), citrus pieces (150 g).
  3. Combine the plum mass with sugar (800 g), send to cook.
  4. Without bubbling, boil for 35 minutes.

Arrange in glass containers, roll up, turn over for slow cooling, wrap with a blanket.

Jam storage

You can avoid spoilage of plum preparations with citrus in one way - storage in cool conditions. It is recommended to use a cellar or basement for these purposes. If there is little preservation, send the jars to the refrigerator.

Regardless of the storage conditions, the state of conservation must be checked regularly. If signs of spoilage are noticed, pour the workpiece into a saucepan, boil for about a quarter of an hour.

It is not recommended to store such preservation - after cooling, use for baking or immediately serve.

Plum jam with pieces of fragrant citrus floating in it is a real culinary masterpiece. This delicacy will perfectly remind you of a warm summer on frosty days, and will allow the whole family to enjoy pleasant memories.

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