Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Pink Honey and its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Pink Honey and its yield

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Many gardeners strive to grow new varieties of vegetables and fruits in their gardens. People who prefer juicy tomatoes plant pink honey tomato. It can be planted in seedling and non-seedling ways. The fruits of the plant have a delicate sweetish pulp, which distinguishes its taste from other varieties.


The characteristic and description of the variety will allow people to become familiar with its distinctive features.


Pink honey tomatoes are not hybrids, so you can harvest the seeds yourself for the next year. The main feature of this variety is its fruits. They are quite large and their weight can reach 1-2 kg. Quite often, the largest tomatoes are located at the bottom of the bush. The fruits are bright pink and have a rounded heart shape. Pink honey differs from other varieties in its taste. Tomatoes are sweetish and do not have a characteristic sourness.

The disadvantages of pink honey tomato fruits include its thin skin, because of which they cannot be stored for a long time and transported over long distances.


The average height of the bushes is about 70-80 cm. However, reviews of some gardeners indicate that when grown in a greenhouse, their height can reach one meter. The growth rate of the bushes and their height depend on the correct planting and the conditions in which they are grown.

Tomato bushes from the Siberian Garden collection are resistant to most pests and diseases.


This tomato variety belongs to mid-ripening tomatoes, so the ripening period of the first fruits is about 100 days after planting in open ground. If the gardener sowed seeds for seedlings at the beginning of April or at the end of May, then it will be possible to harvest the crop in August.

To increase the number of ovaries, it is recommended to periodically pinch the bushes and form them into two stems.

The harvest

The yield of this variety is quite high. On average, about 5-6 kg of fruit can be harvested from one bush. To improve the quality and quantity of the crop, it is necessary to follow all the rules for planting and caring for the plant.

Sowing seeds for seedlings

Before planting tomatoes in open ground, you need to grow seedlings.

When to sow

The choice of the optimal timing for sowing seeds directly depends on the climatic zone in which tomatoes will be grown. Residents of the Urals, Siberia and the middle zone are advised to start planting seeds not earlier than April. People living in the southern regions can do this as early as mid-March.

Soil preparation

To prepare the soil for sowing seeds, it is necessary to mix humus with earth in equal proportions. After that, wood ash can be added to the soil. A glass of ash will be enough for one bucket of soil. You can also use mineral fertilizers instead.


Planting seeds begins by creating small holes. They are made at a distance of about 2-3 cm from each other. Sowing seeds for seedlings should be done dry, so there is no need to water the soil before planting. 2-3 seeds are placed in one hole, after which it is sprinkled with soil. After that, the boxes with the planted tomatoes should be covered with glass and placed in a room with a temperature of about 20-25 degrees.


Tomato seeds begin to germinate a week after planting. When the first shoots appear, the plants should be transferred to sunlight. For the first week, the seedlings can not be watered, but only slightly sprayed with water on the dried soil. After that, the seedlings are watered once a week. In this case, it is recommended to use warm water heated to 25 degrees.

When the first true leaves begin to appear on the seedlings, they must be transplanted into separate containers with a diameter of at least 10-15 cm. For this, you can use special pots, cut off milk bags or plastic bottles.

Planting seedlings

Planting honey tomatoes in open soil is recommended in the first weeks of summer. Residents of the southern regions of the country can do this already at the end of May.

Site selection

To grow a tomato, you should choose an area where cabbage, carrots, beets or onions were previously grown. Also, the place where the tomatoes will grow should be well lit and protected from drafts.

Soil preparation

The soil for tomatoes must contain a sufficient amount of nutrients, so you need to fertilize it with humus and mineral compounds in advance. At least 5-8 kg of fertilizers are consumed per square meter of land.

You also need to dig up the soil. In this case, you should not break the earth clods, as they contribute to the freezing of the soil in winter. Thanks to this, most pests that may be in the ground will die from frost.


For planting seedlings, it is necessary to make holes. Their depth is determined by the size of the container in which the seedlings were grown. When landing, you need to observe a certain interval. A distance of about 45 cm is made between the bushes, and 75 cm between the rows.

After placing the seedlings in the soil, it must be watered and compacted. You should also install special garter supports near each bush.


To get a good harvest at the end of summer, you need to properly care for the pink honey tomato bushes.


It is better not to water the seedlings for the first few days after planting. You need to give them a little time so that they can settle down in a new place. Tomato bushes are watered at the root so that water does not fall on the leaves. It is not recommended to water the plant with the sprinkler method, as this delays the ripening of the fruits and begins shedding the flowers.

During the ripening of the fruits, the plant's need for water increases, so it needs to be watered 2-4 times a week. It is necessary to maintain the moisture content of the soil at the same level, as serious changes can slow down the growth of new fruits.

Soil loosening

You need to loosen the soil after each watering. This removes all weeds that grow near the tomatoes. The first loosening is carried out to a depth of no more than 10 cm in order to create conditions for its warming up. All the following times, the soil is loosened to a depth of 5 cm.


You need to make a garter almost immediately after planting the seedlings. If this is not done in a timely manner, then the bushes can break from strong winds. You can tie the plant to stretched trellises or pegs. To equip the trellises, the stakes should be driven in at a distance of 5 m from each other.


This tomato variety is quite unpretentious, so anyone can start growing it. To do this, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of growing and caring for tomato bushes. Also, before growing pink honey, you can consult with the person who has already planted it before.

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