Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Wonder of the World, its yield

Characteristics and description of the tomato variety Wonder of the World, its yield

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In 2002, after a long work of domestic breeders, a new tomato variety was registered. The Wonder of the World tomato is distinguished by high yield rates, a rich yellow hue of the skin and pulp, and excellent taste. It is thanks to these characteristics that such a variety of tomatoes is very popular among summer residents.

Main features

The Miracle of the World is not only a delicious variety of tomatoes, but also a real decoration of a summer cottage. Testimonials gardeners say that this plant has the following distinctive characteristics:

  • indeterminacy: the bush can grow up to 2 meters in height;
  • mid-maturity: after transplanting seedlings, you can get the first harvest after 100 - 110 days;
  • 4 - 5 brushes are formed on 1 trunk, on each of which 15 - 25 fruits grow;
  • the weight of one tomato is 60 - 80 grams, the fruits are fleshy, dense in structure;
  • the fetus has 3 - 4 chambers;
  • in its shape and color, the vegetable is similar to lemon;
  • ripe fruits are useful - they contain a huge amount of various vitamins;
  • excellent taste is achieved due to the increased sugar content;
  • high yield - from one bush you can get 12 kilograms of tomatoes;
  • resistance to a number of diseases;
  • the ability of the fruit to maintain its freshness for a long time;
  • drought resistance.

The characteristics and description of the Wonder of the World tomato variety claim that this crop can be grown not only in greenhouses, but also in the open field.

Thanks to all these features, the presented variety is in great demand among summer residents. However, it is worth considering that the tomato has not only positive features, but also disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages

Description of the Wonder of the World tomato highlights the following main advantages of the variety:

  • attractiveness of appearance;
  • excellent yield performance;
  • disease resistance;
  • sweetish taste of fruits.

The disadvantages of the variety are mainly related to its indeterminacy. So, due to the excessive height of the stems, the bush can easily be damaged in strong winds. The cultivation of this variety requires the formation of specific supporting structures to protect the tomato stems from damage.

This variety is distinguished by its versatility in taste and texture, so it can be used in various fields:

  • saturation with vitamins allows you to have a beneficial effect on the human body when they are freshly consumed;
  • optimal balance of sweet-sour taste makes it possible to squeeze out delicious rich juice;
  • tomatoes are medium in size, great for whole-fruit canning;
  • fruit blanks are bright and interesting, so they can be a decoration for any festive table.

The described variety is excellently stored subject to harvest at the stage of milk ripeness.

Growing features

In open ground or greenhouse structures, this variety can be grown in any climatic zones of central Russia. Cultivation in open ground conditions can be carried out in the southern territories, for example, in the Krasnodar Territory, the Caucasian republics. In the presence of strong winds, the plant must be planted in greenhouses or use wind protection, strong trellises.

All tomato brushes must be carefully tied to the erected support. Otherwise, due to the height and abundance of fruits on the brushes, the plant may be damaged.

To improve the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the crop, the bush must be fed with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers. Greenhouse tomatoes need to create a special microclimate, the formation of which can be achieved with the help of regular ventilation.

The inflorescences need to be shaken regularly to allow the plant to pollinate. To form the stems, the bushes need to be pinned, otherwise the tomato grows strongly.

Possible diseases and pests

One of the characteristics of the Wonder of the World tomatoes is a strong immunity, due to which the plant rarely gets sick. The main danger to the bushes can be represented by the tobacco mosaic virus, brown spot. Sometimes the bushes are affected by a spider mite or a bear.

However, these problems can be easily overcome. Tobacco mosaic is removed by removing all infected leaves, then the sections are treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

Brown spot is treated with a specific drug Zaslon. Then the plant needs to reduce the amount of water used for irrigation, increased ventilation.

You can overcome the bear by treating the insect's nests with a pepper water solution.

You can eliminate the spider mite by washing it off with soapy water. Flushing is performed until all parasites have disappeared.

In indoor conditions, tomatoes can be affected by the greenhouse whitefly. To eliminate it, you must use Confidor.

Subject to all the listed care recommendations, this tomato variety will delight the summer resident with a rich and delicious harvest. It is interesting that each of the collected fruits will combine the maximum of the advantages given in the description.

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