Description of the Gloria tomato variety and its characteristics

Description of the Gloria tomato variety and its characteristics

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Gloria tomato is one of the oldest varieties of vegetable selection. Vegetable culture was obtained in 1970 on the instructions of the Central Committee of the CPSU of the USSR, by breeders of the Moldavian Research Institute of Irrigated Agriculture and Vegetable Growing by crossing tomato varieties D-75 and Manitoba.

Having passed all the test work, the Gloria variety in 1975 was zoned in the North Caucasus, Tajikistan, the Central chernozem regions, Ukraine and the Volga region. Having established itself from the best side in these territories, the variety began to be cultivated in other regions of the former USSR.


Tomato variety Gloria is a mid-season, high-yielding vegetable crop. The plant is intended for cultivation in greenhouse conditions and in the open field.

General description of the vegetable crop:

  1. The plant is not a standard, racemose, semi-determinate type.
  2. The growth of a vegetable crop is limited after the formation of 10-12 flower clusters, which are laid every 2-3 leaves.
  3. On average, the height of the plant in open ground reaches about one meter, in greenhouse conditions up to one and a half meters.
  4. The bush forms from two to four trunks, on which the first flower cluster is laid on the 7-8 leaves.

The Gloria variety differs from other types of tomatoes in that its tomatoes ripen in clusters on the bushes, which has a positive effect on the amount of the crop. The general yield indicator is 500-800 kg from one hundred square meters.

Fruit characteristics

The ripening period of the fruits of Gloria tomatoes is 115-120 days from the appearance of the first shoots of the plant.

Characteristics of tomatoes at the stage of full consumer ripening:

  • weight - 115-200 gr.;
  • color - red;
  • shape - rounded oval;
  • taste - sweet, with slightly sourness;
  • the pulp is of a pleasant consistency;
  • consumer qualities are high;
  • transportability is good;
  • keeping quality is about 60 days.

Also, the fruits of the Gloria variety contain: vitamin C - 20-22 mg. %, dry matter - 6-7%, acidity - 0.5-0.6%, sugars 3.7-4.3%, which are excellent indicators for human health.

Due to their beneficial, nutritious and taste properties, Gloria tomatoes are ideal for fresh consumption, preserved and processed for making natural juices and sauces.


For growing plants in greenhouse conditions, it is recommended to plant Gloria seeds at the end of February. For open ground, the first days of March will be the best time to plant.

Before transplanting to a permanent place of growth, the seedlings must be hardened for 2 weeks. In this case, even at + 2 degrees, it will not suffer from hypothermia, which will prevent shedding of inflorescences.

Planting of seedlings is carried out according to the scheme: 40 x 50 cm, taking into account up to 4 bushes per one square meter.

For a good development of the variety and a high yield, the vegetable crop after transplanting needs the following care:

  • the formation of a bush by pinching and pinching;
  • regular watering;
  • weeding;
  • loosening;
  • fertilizing with mineral fertilizers;
  • garter of a bush and bunches of fruits;
  • treatment for late blight.

When growing the Gloria variety, do not forget about pests. Timely prophylaxis against insects will also prevent the appearance of various diseases that can negatively affect the yield of a vegetable crop.

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