Characteristics and description of the Tamina tomato variety, its yield

Characteristics and description of the Tamina tomato variety, its yield

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Tamina tomato was bred by careful German breeders and is intended exclusively for early breeding and collection. From the moment of seedling germination to the appearance of the first fruits, it takes from 2 months to 80 days. Both open soil and greenhouse conditions can be used to grow these varieties, which is considered a positive feature. Let's take a closer look at the main characteristics and description of these tomatoes.

Advantages of the variety

The bush stretches up to 170 centimeters in height and gives about 6 fruitful clusters, each of which grows 7 - 8 fairly large tomatoes. Each fruit weighs about 80 - 100 grams.

The bushes of the Tamina variety are slender and beautiful, the fruitful clusters are not spreading, close to the trunk. Leaving reviews, summer residents usually call this type of plant apple trees. The fruits themselves have a bright red color of the skin and pulp, excellent presentation due to the perfectly rounded shape. Not prone to cracking, except in case of strong overripe.

Tomatoes of this variety are universal fruits: they are equally good for any canning method (from pickling to juicing and adding to other dishes) and salads with fresh vegetables and other ingredients.

The yield is high - four kilograms of fruit are harvested from one plant. Fruitfulness is amicable, which is noted as a special advantage by experienced gardeners.

How to plant and care for

It is necessary to sow Tamina tomatoes for seedlings two months (at least 50 days) before they are planned to be planted in open ground or in another permanent place. Seeds germinate best when they are kept at the optimum temperature, between 23 and 25 degrees Celsius.

When it comes time to plant seedlings in the ground, you need to observe the distance between the bushes - one square meter is optimal for placing three adult plants, and you need to be guided by this indicator.

An adult tomato of the Tamina variety needs pinching and a garter, the bush can grow into one or two stems. The stems are dense, and the leaves resemble potato. The plant has a good response to watering, it likes when it is fertilized with complex type mineral fertilizers.

Stimulants of plant growth and development, which are specially designed for these purposes, are positively perceived by this early maturing variety. They not only improve seed germination and stem health, but also have a positive effect on fruit set and yield. It is recommended to use such substances, they will be especially useful for novice gardeners. They are liked by those who are engaged in growing tomatoes for themselves and for sale, unpretentiousness to the surrounding conditions.

We can say that planting Tamina tomatoes gives an almost 100% guarantee that the summer resident will soon be with tomatoes.

These tomatoes are practically not affected by drought and diseases common for such vegetables, so that in any summer the agricultural technician gets a good yield of tasty tomatoes with dense pulp.

An additional plus of the variety is that the fruits are undemanding for transportation: tomatoes almost do not crumple and do not burst, except with very rough handling. The fruit has a very long shelf life.

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