Characteristics and description of the apple variety Uralsky Souvenir, cultivation and care

Characteristics and description of the apple variety Uralsky Souvenir, cultivation and care

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Gardeners living in harsh climates with cold winters choose trees with maximum frost resistance and endurance. This is exactly what the Ural Souvenir apple tree is. The fruits ripen in autumn and are suitable for long-term storage, and the taste will appeal to the whole family.

Description and features of the variety

The tree of the Ural Souvenir is vigorous and requires obligatory shaping and pruning. The crown is oval-pyramidal. The bark on the main branches is red-brown in color. Flower buds form even on last year's shoots. The main shoots are located almost at right angles to the trunk.

The leaves are bright green in color and glossy. Their shape is oval-ovoid, along the edges there are small serrations. The petiole is short. The flowers of the Ural Souvenir apple tree are rather large, conical in shape. The bud is pinkish, and after blooming, the flower becomes snow-white. The variety is self-fertile, planted as a pollinator.

Description of the apple tree Ural Souvenir says that the tree gives fruits of medium size, the mass of one of them does not exceed 100 g.

Moreover, they are all practically the same size and regular shape, ribbing is not pronounced. At the stage of technical ripeness, the fruits are light yellow, there is a blurred, but rather bright blush on the skin. A golden-bronze rustiness is also noticeable, giving the apples a particularly beautiful appearance. The peduncle is long, thickened towards the base. Seed chambers of a closed type.

The pulp of apples Uralsky Souvenir in maturity has a yellowish color, near the skin there is a slight reddening. The fruits are juicy, with a pleasant sweet and sour taste and a classic well-defined aroma.

Breeding history of the variety

The specialists of the Sverdlovsk Experimental Gardening Station worked on the creation of the Ural Souvenir. The authors are experimental scientists L. A. Kotov and P. Dibrova. To obtain the original variety, it was decided to cross the Udarnitsa, known to many gardeners, and Uralsky Bolshoi.

The Ural Souvenir obtained in this way has absorbed the best qualities from the parent varieties and in a short period of time has gained immense popularity not only among amateurs, but also among professionals.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Ural Souvenir apple tree

Like any other variety, the Ural Souvenir is endowed with certain advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include:

  • increased frost resistance;
  • high productivity;
  • early maturity;
  • universal use of the harvested crop;
  • annual fruiting;
  • ripe fruits are not prone to falling off;
  • apples have an attractive appearance;
  • suitability for long-term storage and transportation over long distances;
  • excellent taste characteristics.

There were no significant deficiencies in the Uralsky Souvenir apple trees. However, according to gardeners' reviews, in cold and damp weather, the variety is often affected by scab. To prevent this, it is necessary to carry out preventive treatments regularly and on time.

Features of ripening and fruiting

The Ural Souvenir begins to bear fruit in 3-4 years after planting a young seedling. If the growing conditions turn out to be favorable, then the first harvest can really be enjoyed earlier. Ripening of apples begins in the first weeks of September. To bookmark the crop for long-term storage, it is better to remove it earlier than the specified time (at the end of August).

You can preserve the fruits without loss of taste and marketability for 4 months. Gardeners' reviews indicate that apples are perfectly preserved until February.

In which regions is it better to grow?

The Uralsky Souvenir apple variety is excellent for growing in Siberia as a standard tree. They perfectly endure the winter even without the construction of additional shelters and very rarely freeze. If the apple tree suffers from the winter cold, it is able to quickly recover. The apple-tree of the Uralsky Souvenir variety has also been zoned for cultivation in the Urals. The Middle Ural climate is considered the most comfortable for these trees.

Diseases and pests

The Ural Souvenir shows increased resistance to common diseases, but is prone to scab damage. In adverse weather conditions, it is necessary to regularly carry out treatments with special preparations. It is recommended to spray the tree with Bordeaux mixture.

The Ural Souvenir becomes a delicacy for the apple moth. This butterfly is capable of destroying the entire crop. To prevent such a nuisance, you need to constantly remove fallen fruits and leaves, and add earth to the trunk circle. If an insect is seen on an apple tree, treatment with insecticidal preparations should be carried out immediately.

In addition to the moth, the Ural Souvenir is affected by green aphids and hawthorns. In addition, bacterial burns are now common. Preventive measures are selected comprehensive. It is necessary to closely monitor feeding and proper care. To prevent the appearance of insect pests on the Ural Souvenir, the trunk is regularly whitewashed with slaked lime. It is also required to regularly carry out sanitary pruning and prevent strong crown thickening.

To prevent the appearance of aphids on apple trees in the first decade of May, they are treated with Fitoverm. In addition, special sticky belts are laid out on the trunk. They will also help prevent the invasion of caterpillars. Treatment with preparations of biological origin is also effective against them. In case of a bacterial burn, the apple trees are sprayed with "Fitolavin".

During the spring pruning of apple trees, the wounds are immediately treated with copper sulfate, and then they are covered with garden var. Twigs showing signs of disease are immediately burned.

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