Strawberry "Florian F1": characteristics of the variety and recommendations for care

Strawberry "Florian F1": characteristics of the variety and recommendations for care

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Strawberry "Florian F1", or Florian, began to be cultivated by Russian gardeners in different regions of our country relatively recently. This is a hybrid form of Dutch strawberry garden strawberry, which belongs to a new generation of cultivated from seeds and year-round fruiting varieties.

Description and characteristic

Variety "Florian F1" is unique in its kind, combining excellent quality characteristics of berries and a consistently high yield. Remontant large-fruited strawberries of early ripening, when cultivated on a fertile plot and high agricultural technology, forms a crop of up to 1 kg from the bush.

This hybrid form forms fairly compact plants with a height of not more than 30 cm and a diameter of about 35 cm.When grown in protected ground, strawberry bushes immediately after planting go into the phase of active development and begin to form a crop regardless of weather conditions and time of year. The average mass of marketable berries is 18 g. The fruit pulp is tasty, relatively dense, sweet with a slight acidity.

Growing Repair Strawberries

Landing Features

Strawberry hybrid form "Florian F1" needs good lighting and sufficient moisture in the landing area. It can be grown both by seed and seedling methods.

Sowing stratified seed material is carried out approximately in February-March - superficially, in well-moistened fertile soil. Then the seedling tank is covered and until the appearance of strawberry seedlings they monitor the moisture of the soil, periodically spraying it with warm water from the spray gun. After the appearance of 2-3 real leaves on the seedlings, they dive seedlings into separate planting containers.

Planting strawberry seedlings on ridges in open ground is carried out in the spring, after the threat of return frost has passed.

The plot for growing garden strawberries should be flat, cleared of weeds, without significant shading and waterlogging, with loose, well aerated and fertile soil with neutral acidity.

When planting, the distance between rows should be 25-30 cm, and between strawberry bushes - at least 15 cm. It is important to control the depth of the plant's immersion in the soil: you can not bury the "heart", but its too high location is undesirable, because can provoke drying of the plant and its death.

Care Tips

It is quite easy to grow garden strawberries of the Florian F1 variety: it is unpretentious, perfectly adaptable, does not reduce productivity with insufficiently high agricultural technology. Gardeners just need to follow the simple standard recommendations for caring for strawberry crops:

  • irrigate at all stages of the growing season with warm water under the root, calculating the number and volume of irrigation based on the level of soil moisture;
  • immediately after watering, at least five times per season, to feed the plants with organic and mineral fertilizers, giving preference to environmentally friendly: solution based on bird droppings, liquid mullein and herbal infusion;

  • closely monitor the state of plant health and several times during the active growing season to carry out preventive spraying with effective insecticidal and fungicidal preparations;
  • systematically weed, high-quality loosen and pile up plants;
  • to obtain the most pure crop, mulch the soil around strawberry bushes with hay, straw or a special garden film;
  • pick berries as they ripen, at least twice a week.

Gardeners reviews

Strawberry "Florian F1" - a super-yielding hybrid of Dutch selection with a unique taste and excellent quality ripe berries - very large, bright red, with a dense sweet and aromatic pulp. Judging by the reviews, the fruits are great for freezing. Gardeners also note the excellent transportability of strawberries.

How to care for strawberries

The flower buds formed in the autumn season tolerate winter very well and enter early fruiting. Strawberry "Florian F1" has an exceptional decorative effect due to the formation of compact bushes with a large number of pale pink flowers and a beautiful shape of berries. This hybrid form is characterized by almost continuous flowering and abundant fruiting from May to October.