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Features of cultivation of wild strawberries Alpine "Dream"

Features of cultivation of wild strawberries Alpine "Dream"

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Alpine wild strawberry "Dream", or Fragariavescavar Alpina, refers to high-yielding varieties that fully mature before other alpine varieties, and is characterized by continuous abundant fruiting throughout the season Alpine wild strawberries of this variety can be grown not only in the garden, but also on the ordinary balcony of any city apartment .

Grade description

Strawberries called "Dream" form compact bushes on which very large and beautiful berries are formed. The average diameter of a fully ripe commercial berry is 2.9-3.1 cm. The variety is characterized by the presence of a very rich and pronounced berry aroma.

In the year of sowing, at least five to six peduncles are formed on the plant.

Landing Features

Strawberries "Dream" should be sown in prepared in advance soil mixture, consisting of three parts of sand and five parts of high-quality garden humus of friable consistency. Before filling the landing tanks with the soil mixture, the soil is calcined at a temperature of 100 ° C for three hours.

Sowing work is carried out in early spring. A mixture of strawberry seeds and clean river sand is gently scattered on a well-moistened and compacted soil surface.

How to plant wild strawberries

When conducting proper care and observing the optimal microclimatic conditions for seed germination, they emerge within a month. It should be remembered that to obtain seedlings, the sowing box must be covered with plastic wrap and create a temperature regime in the first three days at a level of + 5-7 ° C.

In the future, the temperature for germination should be + 20-22 ° C. After the appearance of two true leaves on plants, seedlings should be dived into separate planting pots. In this phase, the temperature should be reduced to 16-18 ° C. Seedlings are best fed twice with humates or a solution of mineral fertilizers.

Planting of plants on permanent ridges in open ground is recommended after the formation of the fifth true leaf. The standard planting pattern is 25-30x15-20 cm. Yield directly depends on the correct and timely care of plants throughout the growing season.

Growing recommendations

Many admirers of Alpine wild strawberries "Dream" are attracted by the fact that, under favorable soil and climatic conditions and the implementation of proper care, this strawberry crop bears fruit almost all summer. Strawberries alpine "Dream" is absolutely not difficult to grow:

  • alpine strawberries are very fond of sunny and warm areas, but withstand light shade quite easily;
  • water the berry culture in dry and hot weather once a week, at the rate of 10-15 liters per square meter;
  • feeding is recommended 3-4 times during the summer with a standard solution of humates;
  • To protect against diseases and pests, chemical insectofungicides can be used exclusively until the flowering phase, and then non-toxic solutions and infusions of natural insecticides and fungicides, including potato or tomato tops, as well as onions and garlic are used;
  • the ridges should be completely free of weeds, and after watering and rains, very careful, superficial loosening is carried out, which can be replaced with mulch.

The use of high-quality garden mulching film when planting a berry culture significantly facilitates the care of alpine strawberries throughout the season.

Grade Reviews

Reviews about the variety are generally positive, due to not only excellent taste and high yield, but also undemanding care. Agricultural technology is standard and consists in weeding, cultivating, watering, top dressing, as well as the timely implementation of protective measures against major diseases and pests. Besides, harvesting is carried out many times, which allows to extend the period of use of fresh berry products.

The secrets of growing strawberries

The variety is characterized by high frost resistance and tolerates drought. Many gardeners demand the variety as a very decorative pot culture. It is possible to grow this variety in Siberia without the use of additional illumination of plants.