Cucumber "The boyfriend f1": unpretentious and very tasty

Cucumber "The boyfriend f1": unpretentious and very tasty

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The new mid-late, bee-pollinated hybrid cucumber "Suit f1" is designed for open ground and film greenhouses. The main advantage of this variety is its high yield. The description of the hybrid form is given by the originator, which is the Gavrish company. The hybrid cucumber form “Suit f1” is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation and is recommended for cultivation in garden plots, in home gardens and small farms. Optimum is growing under a film coating.

Grade description

Cucumber "Suit f1" is a medium-weed plant with green, slightly wavy leaves and an average of two side shoots. The plant is indeterminate, vigorous, medium branching, mixed flowering type.

The fruiting phase occurs in about 55-60 days. On average, a pair of ovaries is formed in each node. Zelentsy reaches a length of 16-18 cm and are characterized by a coarse-humped, white-spiked surface and a cylindrical shape. In cross section, each zelenets has a diameter of 3.5-4 cm. The average weight of a fully ripened zelenets is 185-205 g.

Grade value

The hybrid form "Suit f1" was highly appreciated for its taste, as well as leveled and attractive in shape greens. In addition, cucumbers of this variety are disease resistant, are not affected by root rot, real and downy mildew.

Cucumber: variety selection

Landing rules

There are only two types of planting cucumbers "Suitor f1": you can grow this hybrid form as direct sowing of seeds, and through seedlings. In greenhouses and greenhouses, such a vegetable crop is almost always grown through seedlings. Immediately prior to planting, it is recommended that agronomists carry out high-quality heating and soaking of the seed material.

Cucumbers require a lot of heat and optimal moisture content. In order to get the first and optimum high yield of cucumbers of this variety as early as possible, planting is done in the greenhouse. When growing cucumbers in the middle lane and northern regions, the most favorable conditions are well-heated areas, represented by light sandy-humus or loamy humus soils, well protected from gusty winds.

The best predecessors for cucumbers are potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower and root crops, as well as legumes. It is not recommended to plant cucumbers after zucchini and similar vegetable crops.. In open ground, landing should be carried out no earlier than May, when the ground and air are sufficiently warmed up. Directly after sowing, it is not recommended to water the plot, since water provokes the displacement of air necessary for seed germination.

Growing Features

The cultivar f1 variety is unpretentious, and care should be carried out in accordance with the technology for growing cucumbers:

  1. When growing in open ground, the crops should be protected for the first time from possible return frosts.
  2. To prevent the appearance of bitterness in Zelentsy, regular watering should be carried out, which should be more frequent and plentiful in hot and arid weather; Before fruiting, cucumbers need to be watered every 2-3 days, and with the beginning of fruiting it is recommended to switch to daily irrigation measures using warm water.
  3. After planting seedlings of cucumbers in a permanent place or a month after sowing, it is necessary to fertilize every two weeks, combining the application of fertilizers with watering. The application of organic and mineral fertilizers is especially necessary if the soil was not well filled before sowing.
  4. After thinning, top dressing and light podkachivanie are also carried out, which contributes to regrowth in the lower part of the stem of the accessory root system.

Cucumbers of the variety “Suhazher f1” quite often suffer from various diseases and pests, regardless of whether this vegetable crop is grown in open ground and in greenhouse conditions. To carry out full plant protection, you should adhere to the following scheme:

  • after flowering, spraying with "Abiga-Peak" or "Ridomil" is carried out;
  • a good effect is achieved by using the Oksikhom and Actellik complex;
  • in June, re-processing of landings by means of Abiga-Peak, Ridomil, Oksikhom or Fitoverm is carried out;
  • approximately three weeks prior to harvest, the Abiga-Peak treatment is carried out.

When growing, it is recommended to use the trellis method, which facilitates the care of plants, increases productivity and reduces the risk of disease or pests.

Reviews of gardeners

Cucumber "Suit f1" received a very high praise from vegetable growers, and reviews of this hybrid form are almost always positive. Cucumbers of this variety are perfect for salads and marinating. Zelentsy is always crispy and very tasty, and also extremely rarely bitter.

The variety shows a consistently high yield not only in greenhouses, but also when grown on ridges of open ground. Harvesting is carried out before frost. Cucumber "Suit f1", indeed, has established itself as an unpretentious variety of universal use. He is struck by diseases quite rarely and easily tolerates insufficient quality care.

How to care for cucumbers


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