Pear "Marshal Zhukov": description of the variety and ways to increase productivity

Pear "Marshal Zhukov": description of the variety and ways to increase productivity

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The pear "Marshal Zhukov" was transferred to the state variety test nine years ago. This late summer or early autumn pear variety, well known to experienced gardeners, was bred by the efforts of breeder A. A. Kuznetsov.

When crossing, which was carried out by the breeder more than twenty years ago, the Volozhka variety and the popular Moscow Bergamot pear were used as the parent line, as a result of which the new variety acquired high quality characteristics.

Description and features of the variety

Judging by the description given by the originator of the variety and the characteristics of gardeners, the pear of the variety "Marshal Zhukov" forms a mid-layer plant with a pyramidal crown. Crohn with average thickening. The center conductor is very pronounced. Trees have good winter hardiness. Declared frost resistance is -36 ° C. Plarge kidney buds. The leaves have an elongated oval shape in light green. Stipules are awl-shaped.

Fruits most often have a pear-shaped or conical shape. Average weight not less than 155-165 g. The surface is smooth. The main color is greenish-yellow, with a blurry brownish-red blush. Near the stem, quite often you can observe liveliness.

The pulp is white in color, with average density. The consistency is very tender and buttery, with good juiciness. The taste is sour-sweet, with a mild aroma. Tasters taste qualities of this variety are estimated at 4.3-4.5 points.

Trees enter the fruiting stage in the sixth year. Productivity is characterized by an unsharp periodicity. The resistance of fruits and leaves to scab damage is very good. A lesion of phylostictosis may be noted. The fruits are ready for picking in mid-August.

How to plant a pear

The main ways to increase productivity

Increasing the yield of a variety of fruit and berry crops under the conditions of home gardening is a very popular and popular event that allows you to get a higher yield from a smaller area at minimal cost.

As a rule, yield indicators largely depend on the severity of the central conductor of the plant. Removing this site above the fifth branch can reduce the productivity of the Marshal Zhukov pear by about 15-20% of the initial indicators.

Harvest rationing, or the so-called "chemical rarefaction" of fruit stands, has good results. For this purpose, gardeners use modern drugs. Despite a slight decrease in the number of fruits, their quality and taste indicators increase significantly.

High efficiency is also observed when spraying fruit plantations of a pear with a 0.6% preparation "TOUR", which allows not only to accelerate the ripening of fruits, but also to increase productivity by an average of 10-15 kg from each adult productive tree. Such spraying is carried out twice. The first treatment is carried out with a shoot length of 10-12 cm, and the second spraying should be carried out after two weeks.

An increase in yield of about 12-15% can be stimulated by the introduction of trunks in the soil immediately before flowering of a drug such as zinc sulfate, at the rate of 3 kg per hectare of fruit planted area. Gardeners should remember that the use of a highly efficient and modern drip irrigation system also helps to increase the overall yield of fruit crops.

We also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the varietal characteristics of Dekabrinka pear.

Recommendations and reviews of summer residents

This new late-summer variety from the selection of the Samara Research Institute of Horticulture and Medicinal Plants managed to interest both beginners and experienced gardeners in our country.

Pear "Marshal Zhukov" refers to partially self-fertile varieties and without the use of additional pollinating plants is able to form less than a third of the fruits. To increase the productivity indicators of pears of this variety, it is necessary to plant several varieties of such fruit crops nearby in order to obtain cross-pollination of plants.

How to fertilize pears

According to gardeners, the variety belongs to the category of quite promising for cultivation in regions with adverse soil and climatic conditions and may well become a worthy replacement for the very popular Chizhovskaya pear variety. This variety compares favorably with the minimum requirements for care, and the palatability of the harvested fruits is an order of magnitude higher than most varieties of pears in this ripening category. The harvest is perfectly preserved for at least a month in a refrigerator. It can be used not only in fresh form, but also for the preparation of desserts and canning for the winter period.


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